Comments - Chris Harris Loves His Hot Hatches

Published: Nov 23, 2012
Description: There's still plenty of love for the hot hatch in the UK, as well as an abundance of rain and enviable driving roads. Three of the leading contenders on the market today are the Ford Focus ST, Re...
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Lou Guerrero Nov 24, 2012
He's a proper driver.
Ole Martin Hoel Nov 23, 2012
Chris Harris is good. One of the best internet presenters I have seen, I think!
Description: There's plenty to admire about all three cars: the Megane RS is a precision driving instrument on the circuit, the Focus ST a perfect blend of naughty and nice, and the new VXR rapid and stylish....
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Sasa Jungic Nov 26, 2012
It is a hot hatch if it has 4 doors. Whole point of hot hatch is to be practice car and fast at the same time
Rohil Chauhan Nov 24, 2012
I'm sorry did you just say its not a hot hatch if it has four doors? Seriously wtf.
Sam Oglesby Nov 23, 2012
I agree the st is the best one to own day to day but not that version it's not a hot hatch when it's got 4 doors. Previous st and rs best by far
Redge Diakité Nov 25, 2012
Our French automajers don't sell these cars in the states because a majority won't but them It's sad for y'all
Lou Guerrero Nov 24, 2012
French cars never do well here. Shame.
Ethan Amo Nov 23, 2012
If they want more sales, then they should seriously consider the north American market..cuz this is a really nice car
Jonathan David Sill Nov 23, 2012
Seriously. Why can't we get this? It looks amazing.
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Nov 23, 2012
I wish I could get one of these in the states
Simon Trépanier Nov 24, 2012
The Astra shares is plateform with the Chevy Cruze. They should make the Astra a Buick un the States!
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
The Tru 140s is the car I'm talking about.. looks really nice, make that thing rwd with a nice engine and u got a winner
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
Why a Buick, Chevy needs this more then Buick, what Chevy really needs is a really good performing sport compact again, they released a concept of one and need that in production like yesterday
Kyle McCullough Nov 23, 2012
Love this. Make it a Buick please!
Timothy Hooker Nov 23, 2012
best front