Comments - Chevy Camaro by Magnat

Published: Nov 23, 2012
Description: In Germany, Magnat is inextricably linked with hi-tech audio gear, and in transforming this Chevy Camaro, has put some of its best-known products to good use. Before installing a state-of-the-art soun...
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Nodnarb Ydil Nov 23, 2012
This poor car has no class. European or not
Wyatt Gordon Nov 23, 2012
european class? no european would be seen in that thing, I'm sorry.
Aventador Lamborghini Nov 23, 2012
Whoa, that bulge - there has to be at least a v10 under the hood , maybe even v12
Darian Vorlick Nov 23, 2012
Seriously ugly ass wheels.
Derek Soanes Nov 23, 2012
Nice looking car
Bill Estep Jr Nov 23, 2012
I think the blue in the rim is actually pretty cool little tuner lookin but still cool
Wyatt Ortega Nov 23, 2012
I don't like it at all
Ryan Spencer Nov 23, 2012
I agree with William. This is no compliment to the camaro.
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
I like the camaro but this is just ugly in every way, ugly paint job, horrible rims, nothing redeeming about this
Drew Humphrey Nov 23, 2012
If you like the Camaro you will probably like this. But I don't like the Camaro so I don't like it.
Cody Gillard Nov 23, 2012
Haha i see what you did there and i agree it looks very nice im just not really big on the rims
Alex Medvedev Nov 23, 2012
Not bad atleast its not chrome and sitting on 32"s
Description: Putting the power to the tarmac is a set of 22-inch Oxigin alloys wrapped in Yokohama Advan Sport tires, while handling is improved via a KW Variant 1 adjustable coilover suspension. Inside, the cabin...
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Walter Robinson Nov 23, 2012
Umm... Wifi and iTunes on the iPod....
Lee Gardner Nov 23, 2012
Good eye
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 23, 2012
If the iPod is permanently installed how do you add new music onto it?
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 25, 2012
Clean? For me it looks all other than clean. Ruined.
Alex Medvedev Nov 23, 2012
Chris Huff Nov 23, 2012
You either like this car, or you don't but it's impossible to hate it.
Derek Soanes Nov 23, 2012
There the European spec lights
Ryan Spencer Nov 23, 2012
And the rims aren't the only terrible things on this car. Those lights are awful.
Cody Gillard Nov 23, 2012
I like the rear lights
Dimitry Mikhailovich Malikov Nov 24, 2012
Awesome picture!
Trevor Humphrey Nov 23, 2012
Near the ac outlets
Trevor Humphrey Nov 23, 2012
Outside looks great but the inside is ehh ok. It could be better with all of the room at the top
John Diller Nov 23, 2012
Not much you can do to the interior of this car
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 23, 2012
So pretty!