Comments - Turbocharging Pioneers: Saab 99 Turbo

Published: Nov 22, 2012
Description: Saab was always a company which liked to take risks, and that shall go down as one of the all-time great understatements in CarBuzz history. The Swedish automaker used to produce some unusual cars wit...
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Jordan Jackson Nov 22, 2012
See, repetition does get things done, lol
Lee Gardner Nov 22, 2012
Reid got his way!!!
Quinn Conner Nov 22, 2012
This car is actually quite big. :). One if my favorites too. Scitzophrenia with Richard Pryor is what made me like this car
Clay Williams Nov 22, 2012
One of my favorite small classic cars.
Theo Hubbard Nov 22, 2012
I've always loved these
Description: The 99 model had been around since 1968 and was originally conceived as a bigger model to bring the brand away from the small models which had dominated the lineup up until this point and more into th...
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Lou Guerrero Nov 22, 2012
Saab V8. Sounds weird -- but awesome.
Description: The 99 Turbo used a Garrett T3 turbocharger with the idea not of cranking out big horsepower numbers at high revs after a long lag, but rather of producing a lot of torque across a wide band. Thus, th...
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Kyle Kloewer Nov 25, 2012
I can just think of James may. When he remembers the color of the I terror but not hit girlfriends name
Jason Bartlett Nov 22, 2012
70s burnt orange .......yummy!
Dylan Bruder Nov 22, 2012
Not bad
Description: The whole 99 model lineup would last only until 1980 in the US, and only until 1984 in all other markets. Just 10,607 turbo models were built, about half the number of 930 units built by Porsche. But ...
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Jason Bartlett Nov 22, 2012
Slant 4 . Different eh?
Logan LeMonnier Nov 22, 2012
Chill just saying its funny. And I actually can...
Tim Puckett Nov 22, 2012
@logam so what at least he's proud of what he's got can u say the same?
Logan LeMonnier Nov 22, 2012
You're like Matt and his supras....
Reid Huff Nov 22, 2012
I have three Saabs they are all so much fun. The 900 Turbos are so much fun through corners. The body and suspension is so stiff it feels very planted. The seats are very comfortable too.
Description: The 99 Turbo was relatively cheap, turbocharged and an absolute blast to drive. It wasn't easy in those days to build a car like the 99 Turbo. It's rare that you see something on the cutting...
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Adam Thomson Nov 23, 2012
Im proud being swedish now
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 23, 2012
Well, it is Stig Blomqvists rally car. The lights are there for a reason.
Lou Guerrero Nov 22, 2012
More. Lights. Can't. Hit. Trees.
Description: This would continue until Saab shut its doors last year, but could potentially be revived if ever the brand manages to be revived. The word "turbo" would also suddenly rise to prominence fol...
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Description: Many Saab aficionados consider this to be the absolute pinnacle of the company, the only time when Saab was so clearly well ahead of the curve. It's a shame that a company which had been capable ...
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Wayne A. Garcia Nov 23, 2012
I would'nt be alive today if I was'nt driving a SAAB back in the mid seventies . So I'LL never own any other car, and I look forward to their rebirth!
Tim Puckett Nov 23, 2012
@ellis so what this is a Saab article now stop being an ignorant dousche
Daniel Eads Nov 23, 2012
He was doing the world a favor by giving extra info about the rebirth of saab. Ellis, you are clearly in the wrong.
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 23, 2012
You are just plain rude, Ellis.
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 23, 2012
Commenting on Saabs future in a Saab article, why the "shut up"?
Lucas Hill Nov 22, 2012
Shut up Ellis... can people write 2 frickin sentences without someone telling them to stop talking 😡
Reid Huff Nov 22, 2012
Ellis that's a great insult. So creative. I'm sorry that I like and know about a car company.
Reid Huff Nov 22, 2012
A company called NEVS bought saab. They plan to make electric cars. Next year they they are going to start the production of the gas 9-3 again.
Lou Guerrero Nov 22, 2012
The SPGs are boss and that color does look great. Really liking brown cars lately.
Grant Paquin Nov 22, 2012
Great color right there
Wayne A. Garcia Nov 22, 2012
LOVE this car, and those Inca rims where the best SAAB produced...makes me miss my C900 even more now. My NG 900 is great too, but an SPG is what I really lust after!
Drew Humphrey Nov 22, 2012
Ha I like :) classic European rally liveries