Comments - This is What Bugatti's Chief Designer Drives

Published: Nov 22, 2012
Description: When you're the head of design for an automaker like Bugatti, you can bet that people will pay attention to what you drive. And as part of the burgeoning Volkswagen Group, you'll have your p...
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Justin Johnson Jan 16, 2013
Justin Johnson Jan 16, 2013
That's a later car...not an '82.
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 23, 2012
He said 1981 in the video.
António Villas-Boas Nov 22, 2012
Designer of the most prestigious marque in the world? Surely you are talking about Ferrari... Bugatti may have had the fastest cars in the 30's and the Veyron now but prestige is something acquired in decades of great race cars and production cars.
Timothy Hooker Nov 22, 2012
designers always get raped by their company..he should yet a free bugatti
Description: Andscheidt replaced the zinc-coated opening bodywork with Kevlar, ditched heavy glass for plexi and stripped out the interior to beautiful detail with a pair of houndstooth seats. The result weighs ju...
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Jörgen Nilsson Nov 23, 2012
Those old Porches are way better looking than most of the modern cars (including your Vette, Colby).
Winston Heard Nov 22, 2012
Those houndstooth seats...!
Colby Church Nov 22, 2012
Never liked old 911s. It's just too damn ugly for my taste.
Matthew Mazzarelli Nov 22, 2012
Awesome Porsche for sure. Great choice.
Dillon Dixon Nov 22, 2012
What an awesome guy! I have mad respect for this dude. You can tell he is very proud of the car he created.
Carlton Salmon Nov 22, 2012
820 kg is getting on for just over half the weight of the current 997 turbo and less than half the weight of a Nissan GT-R!
Wyatt Gordon Nov 23, 2012
Oh yeah, gotta love the whale tales! I personally like Magnus Walker's 1971 911T, the one Jay Leno looked at. Magnus Walker's with a whale tale would be awesome! and Colby...this may be a high performance Beetle to you, but you're vette is plastic canoe on wheels to me.
Daniel Eads Nov 23, 2012
They look the best with the whale tail.
Colby Church Nov 22, 2012
Ugly car, sorry to people who like them, I just don't see how this is good looking. They have always looked like a sporty beetle to me. Not a fan. The newer ones are okay.
Wyatt Gordon Nov 22, 2012
Oh look, a Beetle! kidding, I love Porsche's!
Ahmed Barrasali Nov 22, 2012
This man has a fine taste of cars
Colby Church Nov 22, 2012
Ugly as sin. Lol
Adam Baum Nov 22, 2012
The rims look plain. I'll say it.
Aiden Bass Nov 22, 2012
I was blown away by his house design.. Anyone else?
Dillon Dixon Nov 22, 2012
That is seriously cool. Very well done.
Carlton Salmon Nov 22, 2012
Wyatt Gordon Nov 23, 2012
Fuchs style wheels are the best.
Dillon Dixon Nov 22, 2012
Those wheels are a perfect fit.