Comments - PUR Wheels Resole the Murcielago

Published: Nov 22, 2012
Description: This isn't the first time New York-based wheeler dealer PUR Wheels has resoled a Lamborghini. In fact this same fine looking Bull featured for SR Auto Group a little while back when they were wor...
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Ben Marotta Nov 25, 2012
Rims should have been black
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 23, 2012
How does someone come to the conclusion that a big muscular white and black super/hyper car needs some skinny copper rims?(not a lambo fanboy)
Zeus Mocha Nov 23, 2012
supra_mkiv Nov 23, 2012
Looks nice
Blaze Dakota Nov 23, 2012
Looks good except the wheels.....
Marlo Viray Jueco Nov 22, 2012
Lol @ Jason, you don't get basic physics do you?
Jason Levy Nov 22, 2012
I'm wondering how much force those skinny little spokes can support before they rip apart...
Haydar Hassoun Nov 22, 2012
i love this car
David Hicks Nov 22, 2012
The scary thing is, some rapper will probably think this is a great idea to remove the lightweight forged wheels and put deez fully-sick-bro rimzz on it 2 b sewpa kooool.
Dillon Magee Nov 22, 2012
I don't like them...
Sam Sexton Nov 22, 2012
looks so clean but grey wheels would be even nicer
omarSV Nov 22, 2012
looks crap, you cant improve an SV
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 22, 2012
Like the wheels not in that color tho
Drew Humphrey Nov 22, 2012
Yeah top skinny not enough spokes
Daniel Levy Nov 22, 2012
Dislike those rims are waaay to skinny. If anything they would look half way decent on a ferrari
Tyler Tarbox Nov 22, 2012
Awful. Stop trying to change one of the greatest supercars on the planet. Cuz most likely you'll just ruin it, like this
Tobias Mersinger Nov 22, 2012
What?! Looks epic!
Matthew Mazzarelli Nov 22, 2012
Cody Gillard Nov 22, 2012
Beautiful i have no remorse saying that lamborghini makes the best looking cars
Janak Solanki Nov 23, 2012
Lol yea, just use a Sham-wow to wipe off the brake dust. These would be ok on a Ferrari. Def not Lambo
Tara Fitria Nov 22, 2012
I agree but they look Like they'd be easy to clean.
Janak Solanki Nov 22, 2012
I think it needs a chunkier wheel. Doesn't fit the car.
Dale Fredriks Nov 22, 2012
I'm not sure if I like the wheel itself, but I am sure that the color is terrible, and awful, and should be shot at dawn.
omarSV Nov 22, 2012
dont mess with perfection! :)
Adam Baum Nov 22, 2012
Great looking car, but the car color doesn't really match the rim colors at all. Plus they're so tacky you can only stop to notice the wrong things about that car.
Matthew Crighton Nov 22, 2012
Dat ass!!! Lol such a nice rear end.