Comments - Megafactories Profiles the Nissan GT-R

Published: Nov 22, 2012
Description: National Geographic regularly goes behind the scenes of some of the most impressive automotive assembly facilities on its "Megafactories" series. Broadcast in some markets as "Ultimate ...
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Description: The show is set to air on December 13, but before it does, Nissan and National Geographic have released this preview trailer, less than two minutes long, showing us what it's in store for fans of...
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Arick Voigt Nov 23, 2012
Um. LF-A? Lol! WTH NatGeo...
Jarrett Sheppard Nov 22, 2012
The exhaust not sounds like a trumpet. I like that. Wish my 350z sounded more like that. Z's are deeper.
Pablo Herasme Nov 22, 2012
I kinda laughed when I heard the LFA
Chris Crispie Picken Nov 22, 2012
Y did they use Lexus lfa sound it's really noticeable
Sasa Jungic Nov 22, 2012
I like that they used in some clips the sound of LFA :).. That's next NGC do a video on Lexus LFA
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
Sedan for me. Very practical and extremely fast. Looks better than the coupe
Patrick Schalk Nov 23, 2012
Wagon, Sedan, Coupe.
Colby Church Nov 23, 2012
I like the Coupe's styling the best by far, but the sedan is more practical. But I've never been one for practicality, I drive a Corvette. If I need to haul something I have to call my dad. Lol
Aaron Crisp Nov 23, 2012
Wagon, sedan or coupe though?
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
Best DD hands down would be CTS-V
Patrick Schalk Nov 23, 2012
That OR he doesn't feel like driving a $100k+ car every day. I'd have a sensible DD too.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
That makes sense. I mean a lot of rich people are in fact rich because they save money well. And that's a good way to do it.
Serge Pankratov Nov 23, 2012
Turbo S, a Gallardo Spyder and a few high end Audis and Bimmers, but he only drives them on weekends.. Thought it was somewhat interesting..
Serge Pankratov Nov 23, 2012
@Tyler. I had the same mentality about wealthy people not caring about mpg until i found out the owner of my company who happens to be a multi millionaire, drives a Ford Flex as a DD cuz it gets good gas mileage lol he also has an R8 GT, the Panamera
Tyler Tarbox Nov 22, 2012
@Matt. Agree with everything you say, except I don't think anyone with $100K plus to spend on a car is going to use MPG as an important factor
Matt Piccolo Nov 22, 2012
And it's also A LOT more fuel efficient than any lambo, Ferrari etc
Matt Piccolo Nov 22, 2012
I'd agree, the gtr is pretty much the best bargain out there! U get all the performance and looks of all the other supercars, with lower maintenance costs, lower purchase price, back seats if u have kids, a large truck, and of it's raining, awd
Tim Preisinger Nov 22, 2012
Lol a M5 would get killed by this thing. However ill take a z06 or ZR1 over this.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 22, 2012
Yeah the M5 isn't even close to the GT-R performance wise
Christoffer James Wassberg Nov 22, 2012
Lamborghini guy u need to learn a lil about cars the skyline r35 is faster then the m5 and you get more bang for your buck performance wise but ill admit the beamer is more luxurious imo
Aventador Lamborghini Nov 22, 2012
Wouldn't take this slow old datsun. I'd take something like a BMW m5 which would absolutely destroy it
Tyler Tarbox Nov 22, 2012
@Daniel. Used Gallardos and F430s are selling for the same price as a new GT-R. I would take a used one of those over a new GT-R any day. But yes I agree that there is no better car performance wise for the money. However a new $90K Z06 would work
Daniel Carroll Nov 22, 2012
@tyler. Yeah if the choice was given. But that doesn't happen to people like us. But we could be able to afford a GT-R if we really really worked for it or had a big win. Cheap car in super car terms but up there with the big boys. = THE BEST
Pablo Herasme Nov 22, 2012
@Tyler although none of those cars can be DD like the gtr I will take the F430, the gallardo looks aged unless it some special edition
Patrick Schalk Nov 22, 2012
Uhhhh new SRT Viper, that is all.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 22, 2012
These wheels have ruined a great car.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 22, 2012
@Daniel. I kind of understand what you are saying but then again I don't. Yeah the GT-R is fast and only costs $100K. However I would take a Gallardo or an F430 over it any day of the week.
Daniel Carroll Nov 22, 2012
*by idiots who think and wish they could drive or are to scared to drive it. What's the point off that. This is a sleeper and super cars look stupid next to it. "My cars cost £500k". "Did it! shame I didn't notice it in my mirror"
Daniel Carroll Nov 22, 2012
This is the best car out. Price, speed, handling, looks and tech. You can use it day to day to the shops or track. Anyone pulling up next to it lets the thing thru. It's the next step forward. All these £200k, £600k, even £1million+ cars are driven
Jeff Link Nov 22, 2012
What's funny is that it didn't command instant respect when it first came out... It took a while for everyone to jump on the bandwagon.
Mohammed Suhail Jamil Nov 22, 2012
This car commands instant respect around the world. Stunning pace and unbelievable grip..... All at a stupendously low price! It's like a featherweight boxer taking on the heavies!! (And winning in most cases)
Ray Garcia Nov 22, 2012
Day front bumper !!
David Justice Nov 22, 2012
An Absolute Monster!
Carlton Salmon Nov 22, 2012
OMG I love this car!
Mike Bakhsheshi Nov 23, 2012
The wheels are nice but copper is too much!
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 23, 2012
Everything looks fine, especially the lips.
Tara Fitria Nov 22, 2012
I don't like the color of the wheels, other than that I think they look great, the double lip is nice too
Dillon Magee Nov 22, 2012
Other than the wheels, it looks great
MissLaura Anne Nov 22, 2012
The wheels are horrible! No matter what, the GTR is still the best.
Carlton Salmon Nov 22, 2012
I'll take this exactly as it is thanks.
Sasa Jungic Nov 22, 2012
No the stock wheels are much nicer
Matt Piccolo Nov 22, 2012
Not feeling the wheels
Edmond Gebara Nov 22, 2012
I'd tap that
Jake Judges Nov 23, 2012
@erick are you sure that they're all hand made cause there's a lot of gtr's
David Guerrero Nov 22, 2012
You mean this is one of the eight who make them. The way you said it sounds like one of eight of all men.
Erick Bernal Nov 22, 2012
1 of 8 guys get to hand make these..