Comments - MT Pits Cadillac ATS Against Germany's Finest

Published: Nov 22, 2012
Description: Automakers have been chasing after the BMW 3 Series for years and so far have failed to build a better all-handling sports sedan. Mercedes-Benz and Audi have both tried but haven't been able to o...
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Alex Renaud Nov 22, 2012
Tyler Tarbox Nov 22, 2012
Really impressed with Cadillac. They are really moving up. Between this car, the Escalade, and CTS-V they are cool again
Description: The all-new ATS changes all of that and Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman takes it to task against the 3 Series and the Mercedes C-Class. All three contestants have more powerful engines over the bas...
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Jeremy Moniz Nov 25, 2012
The Mercedes or the BMW, American cars aren't know for their long term quality and performance, German cars are.
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
Gm give us more performance cars. Now that you fixed your interiors there is nothing left to do but whoop some ass
William Downs Nov 23, 2012
Why in the world would u want the c7 to start at a higher base price.. be can't wait for the c7 to come bout then hopefully gm will improve its entire line up... hopefully a real sport compact this time around, curse is OK but its performance is exxtremly lacking and the sonic is ok but its still just a small Eco car
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
I think the C7 will start at much higher than 50K. I hope they do anyways.
Colby Church Nov 23, 2012
That's where the fun will begin. People will be destroying super cars left and right for a little over 50 grand, and there will be no more criticism regarding interior, as it will be world class. If you don't think we are running the show, just wait.
Colby Church Nov 23, 2012
@David Yes I'm a GM fan, but I like the cars for various reasons, not the badging. I don't think everything we build is spectacular, however when we set out to defeat someone, we usually do a pretty good job at it. And watch out for the C7.
John Serely Nov 23, 2012
I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'd take the caddy. I've always been a huge German car fan, but Cadillac has seriously stepped up there game. I love their design language
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 23, 2012
The Audi a4 is either FWD or AWD which is most likely why it isnt here.
Stephen Ishard Nov 23, 2012
Caddy baby
Jordan Smith Nov 23, 2012
*Yeah. Stupid auto correct. Oh, and outta the 3, I'd pick the ATS. Looks, performance, and being that it'd probably be rarer. Plus, it's America. Love me some A4 and C-class though.
Jordan Smith Nov 23, 2012
...just like any car maker has.
Jordan Smith Nov 23, 2012
Yeh Colby I love our cars from the good ol' U S of A as much as you do, but we do not run or own anything in that way. Sure, we make some damn good cars now, but we don't have to be ranting it everywhere. We still have some crappy cars...
David Justice Nov 23, 2012
LOL Colby. Why didn't you mention LS engines, Magnetic Shocks, or the Corvette yet? Come on, we all know you a GM fanboy. No need to stomp around grunting. You'd probably love any car if I just changed the badge to a bowtie or a big GMC logo.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
I wouldn't say GM is "running things now". But they have certainly climbed up the ladder and are now just as good as European cars. I'm ready to see if the C7 can compete with the 911. That will be interesting
Jacob Burford Nov 23, 2012
I would have to drive them all for myself to make my decision on this one.
Colby Church Nov 22, 2012
We are better in every category, especially interior and handling. Say what you want, think what you want. This car was designed to dethrone the 3 series. They wouldn't have released it if they weren't confident. Suck it up already.
Colby Church Nov 22, 2012
ATS FTW. BMW sucks. So overhyped. All these tight asses are pissed because America is finally producing world class cars. Get used to it. Just because something is European doesn't mean jack shit. GM is running things now, fall in line boys.
Matt Piccolo Nov 22, 2012
Hard choice between a 3 series and a4 for me... I'd probably go the a4 though in all honesty! But I do live the 3 series
Jesse Williams Nov 22, 2012
I like the BMW and the Cadillac. But, BMW needs a better ride like the Cadillac and the Cadillac needs a better system like the I-Drive found in the BMW instead of the annoying touchscreen found in crappy dangerous Fords. The winner is hard to pick f
Carlton Salmon Nov 22, 2012
I can take a reviewer seriously if he states as fact that BMWs are made in Stuttgart and Mercedes-Benz are made in Munich!
Spiros Manessis Nov 22, 2012
In my opinion this test misses the real issue. These cars are family cars. Almost no one will ever find the real limits of them. However, interior design, quality of ride, maintenance cost and reliability should be the key issues.
Genci Sallabanda Nov 22, 2012 american! This is the policy.
Mike Bradnan Nov 22, 2012
I really want the USA to produce a competitor. I think they have. No matter what any number crunching motor-journalist say.
Zabir Garcia Nov 22, 2012
How much did Cadillac pay this guy?
Paul Trahan Nov 22, 2012
The problem with the BMW is that the 3 series has become so popular that BMW has tried to make a car that appeases to everyone which in turn has caused the car to loose a lot of the sporty/fun factor that the older 3s had. Here's hope for the new M3
Paul Trahan Nov 22, 2012
Have any of you ever drove any of the cars in the review or are you making assumptions on which car is better? I've driven the ATS and the new 3 series. The ATS does feel better. BMW has lost their way with the new 3 series.
William Downs Nov 22, 2012
If your making your decision about a car based on one review over the other your a moron, everyone is biased towards something, don't bitch and cry cause someone said a car was better then your precious BMW. U act as thought people are never biased toward the 3 series in comparisons
Tim Preisinger Nov 22, 2012
Can't understand the BMW love. As I posted on the other page, I have drove more then enough BMWs to come to a conclusion that they aren't all that great. Boring interior, ride quality isn't great and over priced. All just my opinion though.
Gligor Ovidiu Nov 22, 2012
BMW to the death! This fat-beared-fella is definetly a caddy fan, so if you want a true review you have to love all the 3 cars and none of them. BMW the best anyway!
Patrick Schalk Nov 22, 2012
Hahaha you guys are so whiny. He likes what he likes. Go do your own review then. It isn't "obvious" that he is a caddy fanboy. This guy drives a lot more stuff than Caddys.
William Maddalena Nov 22, 2012
I love that ats and the bimmer and merc but I would have to go American I've say in all of them and the caddy was the most comfortable.
Shannon Sims Nov 22, 2012
@logan... I agree I also seen that episode and the BMW wasn't dethroned then either. This guy is a caddy fan boy and the only thing wrong with that is his reviews are saturated with it. As a result you don't feel like he's able to give good info.
Logan LeMonnier Nov 22, 2012
It's weird because there was another ignition review where the BMW won over the ats. I'm not sure who to believe... It seems biased that the Cadillac won by so much, contrary to different reviews
David Guerrero Nov 22, 2012
I'm torn between A4 and the C 350. But for some reason I'd rather take an Infinity G37. More sport in that car.
Tin Nguyen Nov 22, 2012
I would still take the bimmer.
Janak Solanki Nov 22, 2012
Good review, but I disagree. I think the BMW should have won.
JB Kolod Nov 22, 2012
No s4 not Europe's best.
Facundo Planas Martinelli Nov 22, 2012
Its funny to ser how European Magazines put the BMW way far in the stratosphere compared with its competition....
Cody Gillard Nov 23, 2012
Bam that car is amazing
Terrance Parker Nov 23, 2012
I voted 3 series and I'm a big fan of the S4 but this ATS is seriously starting to grow on me.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
ATS-V would be awesome. M3 killer??? We'll see
Colby Church Nov 22, 2012
I love the sharp designs. The CTS coupe is one of my favorite designs, it just looks plain awesome. So bold and aggressive.
Aaron Crisp Nov 22, 2012
@Matt Yeah I saw a silver CTS and it wasn't the best, but when I saw a black CTS it was absolutely brilliant.
Craig Lafey Nov 22, 2012
Seen a few of these around where I live and turns my head every time.
Dan Morris Nov 22, 2012
Who said this was built on a Mercedes chassis obviously knows nothing about the auto industry or Cadillac. But yet they still feel compelled to leave comments such as these.
Matt Piccolo Nov 22, 2012
I saw one of these in silver the other day... Didn't really care for it. Might b nicer in a different color
Devin Babyn Nov 22, 2012
This things pretty damn nice, way better looking then the CTS. I can't stand that sharp edge design
Tom Ippolito Nov 22, 2012
That front end is so sleek and it really sets it apart from the other brands in my opinion. I love Cadillac's new designs can't wait to see what else they put out
William Downs Nov 22, 2012
Ahmed go learn something before speaking your crazy talk, this car has nothing from Mercedes, this car is built on the gm alpha platform witch was developed by holden using various gm chassis components, so please keep your mouth shut about what u obviously don't know, go read something before making wild guesses
Tim Preisinger Nov 22, 2012
I didn't like these as much as the CTS at first. However, after seeing them in person they have really grown on me
Ahmed Barrasali Nov 22, 2012
This car was built on Mercedes chassis. It has German Techs & balance
Kyle McCullough Nov 22, 2012
I think it looks very smooth and clean. Especially compared to the newest 3 which is a huge letdown styling wise
Nikolai Nikolaevich Stankevich Nov 22, 2012
Ugly. Just my opinion
Tj Marten Nov 22, 2012
Batman music 9:49?
David Jefferis Nov 22, 2012
Hmm Caddy - go no further in 'adjusting' your fine grille to look like a Merc knockoff. No need...
Michael Davidson Nov 23, 2012
Yeah, that front tire was the first thing I saw. Looks like its coming off.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
Girls car.
Jacob Burford Nov 23, 2012
I like the new 3-Series design. Prefer the looks to the Caddy. IMO
Colby Church Nov 22, 2012
Lol, it does remind me of a grumpy pig!
Colby Church Nov 22, 2012
Looks retarded.
Matt Piccolo Nov 22, 2012
Love the new 3 series! Te new front end is so aggressive!
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 22, 2012
I think this car looks like a frumpy pig. It's a real shame because all the previous 3 series were good looking cars
Timothy Hooker Nov 22, 2012
def the best of the three. can't wait for the new 4 series
Dillon Dixon Nov 22, 2012
Looks like that front tire is about to come off the rim completely.
Kyle McCullough Nov 22, 2012
Agree with Logan. The whole front looks squished, and the headlights are a step back from last years design
Logan LeMonnier Nov 22, 2012
I hate the new front ends. They seem squished.
Janak Solanki Nov 22, 2012
Ah yes. This is the one I will choose every time.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 23, 2012
Agree. A4 is the best looking. Especially the headlights. I've always loved Audi headlights.
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 22, 2012
Audi a4 looks better than them all imo
Patrick Schalk Nov 22, 2012
This is more boring than the 3 Series. Neither has the flare the Caddy has.
Kyle McCullough Nov 22, 2012
This needs help with the styling. Reminds me of a fancy Impreza if you look at the headlights and overall shape