Comments - F1 Race Stars is Mario Kart Reborn

Published: Nov 22, 2012
Description: If you love motorsports and you love video games, there's no shortage of racing sims on the market. The trouble is that while many of them are impressively hyper-realistic, they're also rath...
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Description: Players can choose from bobblehead-style caricatures of any of the drivers on the grid (plus a few fictional characters). They race kart-style F1 cars on exaggerated versions of most of the circuits o...
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Emil Creed Kleijsen Nov 24, 2012
AKA nobody cares about PS3
Alex Medvedev Nov 23, 2012
Aka ps3 already has game like that you too late
Description: Players can enjoy the game solo, in multiplayer mode or online. The result may not be for die-hard racing gamers, but it may be just what the casual gamer is looking for in a modern take on the classi...
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Alex Medvedev Nov 23, 2012
Ps3 online store already has games like that it won't sell good
Ray Garcia Nov 22, 2012
This looks like a good game