Comments - Range Rover Sport Spotted in America

Published: Nov 21, 2012
Description: Land Rover is in the midst of an extensive model overhaul. The Evoque is still turning heads, the new Range Rover has just been released, and replacements for the Defender and Discovery are on their w...
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Chase Huddles Nov 21, 2012
Considering RR has gone to in to S-class market, I hope the sport is closer to the original RR in spirit. Hopeful that means it smaller and has a rim size smaller then 19 (seriously, besides the freelander that's the smallest size on any LR model).
Sam Hansen Dec 06, 2012
António - You couldn't have said it better!
António Villas-Boas Nov 22, 2012
People that hate Land Rovers surely never drove one and definitely don't understand them. Land Rovers are not SUV's, they are the best 4x4s and are supposed to be driven that way, not paraded around town on polished 23 inch rims...
Aventador Lamborghini Nov 22, 2012
Rims are 10 or 11 inches too small
Luis Daniel Angilello Nov 22, 2012
I think think this is the best camo so far!
John Chase Nov 21, 2012
Nothing sporty about this P.O.S.. Such a waste of money and only qualified douchebags drive them.
King Rich Nov 21, 2012
The evoque is the best range rover
Victor Pitts Nov 21, 2012
Is it still unreliable??
Drew Humphrey Nov 21, 2012
I'd be really funny to see one of these parked because everybody would walk by and criticize its paint job. Not us CarBuzz guys :).
Otnay Nat Nov 21, 2012
Classic looks indeed ...even though doesn't have all the bell n whistles like the Mercedes, it might be good enough for me to get a 3rd one :)
Lead Peddalin Nov 21, 2012
I think Land Rover makes some of the classiest vehicles on the road. I am also excited to see this, but I hope they didn't change it too much.
Claudio Komba Nov 21, 2012
Can't wait to see this.
John Hyland Nov 21, 2012
Same. I honestly think that Land Rover makes the ugliest cars on the road. I'm not sure why people pay so much for them
Derek Soanes Nov 21, 2012
Never liked the look of these
Description: There's no mistaking this vehicle for anything other than the new Range Rover Sport, though. Ditching the heavier Discovery platform on which the current model is based, the new SUV is expected t...
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Sam Hansen Nov 21, 2012
It was on the Discovery platform, not the Defender platform
Terrance Parker Nov 21, 2012
They should just come out with this goof ass paint job. I bet some fool would buy it.
Thibault Leroy Nov 22, 2012
Evoque headlights
Quinn Conner Nov 21, 2012
Zombie killer
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Nov 21, 2012
Autobots. Transform.
Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
Not bad