Comments - Dodge Dart Goes on Patrol for Turkey Day

Published: Nov 21, 2012
Description: One might not associate the new Dodge Dart with active police duty; that task has been assigned to the larger, rear-wheel-drive Charger Pursuit. But Chrysler still wants its all-new compact sedan to h...
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Anthony Coccaro Nov 21, 2012
I work for Beverly Hills Garage. And we are the ones who installed the Whelen lighting on this dart!!!
Chris Penza Nov 21, 2012
I saw a taurus interceptor and the explorer interceptor yesterday. Both were mean looking
Pete Coccaro Nov 25, 2012
These are well designed cars. All of the overseas police departments use cars of this size and have been for years. I was the lucky one to install the lighting on this car, hopefully this car will be used by more municipalities in the future and be a great asset for the Chrysler Corperation
Drew Humphrey Nov 21, 2012
Or blue rims to match the blue vinyls :O
Xavier M. Garcia Nov 21, 2012
Black rims would look a lot better
Patrick Schalk Nov 21, 2012
I used to work for Chrysler and sold them. Yeah I've been in em. They are spacious if you're 5.
Antonio Falsetti Nov 21, 2012
Put the 2.4 liter turbo engine in there then we'll talk.
Corey Blomquist Nov 21, 2012
Have you been in one Patrick? I have one in my garage and its actually pretty spacious.
Henz Herrero Nov 21, 2012
I never knew they use compacts as a police car.. Maybe its not for transport cuz theres no cage in the middle
Patrick Schalk Nov 21, 2012
Having to sit in the back of one of these would be torture enough. There's no room back there
Description: It will act as an escort as a procession of Chrysler vehicles packed with food makes its way to the Belvidere/Boone County Food Pantry in Illinois. The annual food drive is done in partnership wit...
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James E Caldwell Nov 23, 2012
I'm sure the dart would be up to the task. There are very few high speed chases, and many of those chases are not that fast. Think of all the $ saved in the purchase price, and then in gas.
Logan Delony Nov 21, 2012
Guy to his left is laughing since he won't have to drive one. Haha
Aaron Crisp Nov 21, 2012
Police chief on the right is thinking "Why the hell didn't they give us a Charger SRT8?"
Pete Coccaro Nov 25, 2012
Great plant, I loved the tour