Comments - BMW 650i Gran Coupe Gets the Art Car Treatment

Published: Nov 21, 2012
Description: Art Cars have become all the rage of late, with every automaker and its subsidiaries getting in on the action. But no one does art cars quite like BMW. The Bavarian automaker essentially pioneered the...
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Rami Nasri Nov 22, 2012
Guys , the dealer call ABu DHabi Motors no Umm Alnar , the location is in Umm Alnar , this is the biggest BMW showroom in the world , for more info let me know .
Ryan Sansossio Nov 22, 2012
Now THAT is an art car. Not like alot of the other ones that look like they threw paintbrushes at them
Robert Young Nov 21, 2012
I would drive the hell out if it
Harrison Trapnell Nov 21, 2012
Forza Horizon Livery Editor, here I come!!
Jommel Marcella Nov 21, 2012
I wish all cars had more than 10 colors.
Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
Ya bad ass but wouldn't mob it
Tobias Mersinger Nov 21, 2012
Looks fantastic. Wouldn't wanna drive it though...
Description: That dealership is called Umm Al Nar, and it's based (as you might have guessed) in Abu Dhabi. The dealer is sponsoring an event called "The Road is your Easel", and to promote its appa...
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Eisa Mohammed Nov 21, 2012
Just to clarify, the dealer is called Abu Dhabi Motors and it is where I bought my car from. Um Al Nar is the location of the dealer along with others. Thanks
Tim Puckett Nov 21, 2012
Ricer not river hhaha
Tim Puckett Nov 21, 2012
@alex and yours is a river at seriously I know u crap for it all the time (and it's rightfully deserved) but wtf made you put under glow and lambo doors on your celiac?
Curtis Clayton Nov 21, 2012
Looks really good.
Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
Hippies car
Taylor Aspinwall Nov 22, 2012
Actually it makes sense because the speedo indicates and 80 mph.
Taylor Aspinwall Nov 22, 2012
@stuart, it's the gear box. For whatever reason they have displayed that the car's shifter is in manual mode and its in 3rd gear. I'm not sure why it is showing that, but it's not because its and M3 lol
Timothy Hooker Nov 21, 2012
this interior blows
Stuart Mitchell Nov 21, 2012
The odometer says "M3".
Lucas Hill Nov 21, 2012
Lucas Hill Nov 21, 2012
I love the orange l
Dillon Magee Nov 21, 2012
That is an awesome interior.
Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
That's insane interior
Gabe Campolla Nov 21, 2012
That's not the inside of the 650i GranCoupe (or any other 6 series). It is the interior of the CS Concept, which the latest BMWs are inspired by.
Carlton Salmon Nov 21, 2012
I thought I'd hate the rose gold interior but I don't mind it at all.