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Published: Nov 21, 2012
Description: Motoren Technik Mayer has been tuning Audis for almost 30 years, and its latest project is an upgrade program for the 5.2-liter V10-powered R8. The first change was aimed at releasing some of the supe...
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Ben Schmidtchen Nov 21, 2012
MissLaura Anne Nov 21, 2012
This is just deadly. Right on!
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 21, 2012
Got dog told my little girl to stop coloring on my car lol bad thing she really could do a better job
Drew Humphrey Nov 21, 2012
Definitely a track day car. I'd never drive this on the road.
Ben Schmidtchen Nov 21, 2012
It dosnt look as good from the outside but once you drive in it it just brings a smile to ur face
Patrick Schalk Nov 21, 2012
Pretty slick other than those dumb graphics.
Curtis Clayton Nov 21, 2012
B. E. A. Utiful
Lou Guerrero Nov 21, 2012
Why don't I like the R8? Just does nothing for me.
Description: Top speed has increased to 201 mph from 195 in both variants, while high performance brakes with massive vented discs up front and eight-pot alloy calipers ensures the MTM R8 can quickly return to leg...
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Description: For street use, MTM recommends its 20-inch Bimoto alloys wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup tires, and for trackday driving it offers 19- and 20-inch Nardo alloys wrapped in Michelin Pilot Sport Cup+...
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Ryan Rainville Nov 22, 2012
The Audi r8 is my favorite looking supper car ever I just wish it had more power like 700 sounds good
Walter Robinson Nov 22, 2012
It does. I mean the checkered flag decals a bit much, but I'd rock it
Serge Pankratov Nov 21, 2012
Id drive the heck outa this thing! Looks ait.. Thumbs up for me.
MissLaura Anne Nov 21, 2012
Very sexy! Flat black on red