Comments - 5 Egg-Inspired Concept Cars

Published: Nov 21, 2012
Description: Gearheads and car aficionados in general probably don't want to hear this, but there might be a production car designed to look like an egg built sometime in the near-future. The egg-inspired car...
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Description: Damnjan Mitic is the designer behind the imaginatively named Citroen EGGO concept car. The EGGO is designed to be powered solely by electricity, with four in-wheel motors and a rooftop solar panel. Hi...
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Mike Bakhsheshi Nov 23, 2012
Most useless post by this app
Drew Humphrey Nov 21, 2012
The best one here if I had to pick.
Jordan Jackson Nov 21, 2012
Leggo my EGGO!
Trent Humphrey Nov 21, 2012
Not sure about side impact safety...
Nick Schnee Nov 21, 2012
It isn't that bad... it's just rather impractically-looking.
Clay Williams Nov 21, 2012
It's the best looking frozen waffle I've ever seen.
Henz Herrero Nov 21, 2012
Break the egg break my head..
Jommel Marcella Nov 21, 2012
Imagine Turning into a corner at 30mph.
William Forgham Nov 21, 2012
.... Your knees are the crumble zone.
Tim Preisinger Nov 21, 2012
Maybe if we lived on the moon...
Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
Wtf were they thinking
Adrian Esai Bustamante Nov 21, 2012
The future looks shitty.
Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
Joking right lets get inspired by my penis now
Description: This may very well be the future of the scooter. Designer Hyun-Seok Kim's Egg Scooter - again with the clever naming - is designed for safety. The scooter encloses riders in a cocoon equipped wit...
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Jordan Jackson Nov 21, 2012
I want to see the egg this thing was inspired by, lol
Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
Roll over alert ?!
Description: Yes, this eggish pod car does look incredibly similar to the one GM has actually built. The difference between the two is that this was designed for Peugeot and it only exists in concept form. Daniel ...
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Jommel Marcella Nov 21, 2012
Why a joystick?
Andrew Hossann Nov 21, 2012
Wtf is THAT?
Franklin Lopez Nov 23, 2012
Yes it looks funny, yes it's akin to a Segway, BUT, I can see a practical use for it in cities like San Francisco and NYC where actually having a car, let alone a parking spot for one is truly a luxury. In a city that is 7 miles by 7 miles from corner to corner and an average speed limit of 25 mph, it makes perfect, albeit homely sense.
Clay Williams Nov 22, 2012
its perfect because it is modeled after a man nut.
Chris Huff Nov 21, 2012
If you want to prove you have no balls, this is the 'car' for you.
Jommel Marcella Nov 21, 2012
Woah. Too much.
Cory Allen Nov 21, 2012
Adult stroller.
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 21, 2012
Inclosed Segway
Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
Wtf?!? Hahaha
Tony Flaherty Nov 21, 2012
Mork and mindy
Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
Those are some plastic wheels much be getting insane traction
Description: As far as two-seat concept cars that look like eggs go, Dr. Lino Vital Garcia-Verdugo's ucar isn't so bad. The concept seats two on a bench and is highlighted by its glass dome roof. Coverin...
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Connor Kew Dec 16, 2012
that looks awkwardly cool
Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
Wow lol these are just something I can't imagine my self or anyone purchase these even if they were free
Description: The CityEgg is designed to ease traffic congestion and help out the environment. The pod car seats only one and is powered by four quirky little wheels that look more like rounded-off pentagons than w...
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Alex Medvedev Nov 21, 2012
Ya that's dumb