Comments - Turbocharging Pioneers: Chevrolet Corvair

Published: Nov 20, 2012
Description: If we're going to cover cars which blazed a trail in the area of turbocharging, this is the only logical place to start. Though the Corvair would ultimately come to be remembered for its starring...
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Reid Huff Nov 21, 2012
saab didn't have a production turbo until 1978 but it was the first turbocharged car for the average person.
Colby Church Nov 21, 2012
No, it was the Corvair. CarBuzz is correct on this one. And maybe a supercharged pioneers series next? :)
GentlemanJim Nov 20, 2012
I think it was actually Saab in 1956 ish with the first production turbo car.
Wyatt Ortega Nov 20, 2012
I love this car
Kyle McCullough Nov 20, 2012
Buick!!! I know a guy with two GNXs and a turbo regal
Jerrod Swenson Nov 20, 2012
Buick was turbocharging that generation of the Regal since 78.
Johnny Francis Nov 20, 2012
Gnx needs to be here and supra for sure.
Tim Preisinger Nov 20, 2012
GNX is the coolest car to ever come out in the 80's
Justin Routh Nov 20, 2012
Ohhhhh yeah gotta love the GNX
Ben Norton Nov 20, 2012
GNX for sure! I love Buick turbos
Patrick Schalk Nov 20, 2012
AND the GNX. GNX is boss.
Reid Huff Nov 20, 2012
The most important ones they have to do are the 99 Turbo, 2002 Turbo and the 911 Turbo.
Jerrod Swenson Nov 20, 2012
Oldsmobile came out with the F-85 Jetfire with a turbo all aluminum V8 in 1962 also. Front engined, 215 hp and a few weeks behind the Corvair.
Reid Huff Nov 20, 2012
The 2002 was not a mass produced car. They didn't sell nearly as many as the 99 Turbo.
Erik Rudolph Nov 20, 2012
I can see the f40 and 959
Zach Gathercole Nov 20, 2012
VVV yes and im gonna love this series
Matt Piccolo Nov 20, 2012
98 supra? :)
Oren Blumenstein Nov 20, 2012
the svo mustang has to be on this list
Carlton Salmon Nov 20, 2012
The BMW 2002 Turbo was Europe's first turbocharged production car, on sale before the Porsche 911 Turbo or the Saab 99 Turbo.
Reid Huff Nov 20, 2012
You have to add the Saab 99 Turbo. The first mass produced turbocharged car.
Dillon Dixon Nov 20, 2012
Such a good looking car. Someone in my town managed to stuff a V8 in the back and it's truly wicked looking! He has huge air intakes on the sides that just give it such an aggressive look!
Kevin Carlin Nov 20, 2012
It kinda looks like the door is misaligned
Jake Judges Nov 20, 2012
Carlos Eduardo Gaviria Nov 21, 2012
Probably the biggest trunk/boot I have ever seen
Description: The more you know about automotive history, the harder it is to believe that the Corvair was ever built in the first place. American car companies have never been big on air-cooled engines, or flat en...
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Description: Sales in this segment would heat up after recession hit in mid-1957, and by 1960 the Plymouth Valiant and Ford Falcon were carrying the compact banners for their respective companies. Chevy's res...
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Kyle Rawn Nov 20, 2012
Which is mentioned in the article a couple pages over.
Kyle Rawn Nov 20, 2012
The first Corvair engine produced 80hp. Power peaked at 180 with the Corsa engine option.
Jake Judges Nov 20, 2012
Isn't it 180 hp? Or am I wrong?
Justin Routh Nov 20, 2012
My uncle has a '63 and while these arent the most powerful cars, they're just plain cool. The rear engine is what i like most about it. Its a fun car to cruise around in with the top down
Zeus Mocha Nov 20, 2012
Wow this looks great
Dillon Dixon Nov 20, 2012
Hell yes! Very awesome!
Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Nov 20, 2012
Wooow i love that!!!!!
Carlton Salmon Nov 20, 2012
That's a great looking race car. Not sure how great it would handle in the wet with all that weight in the back...
Paul Dickey Nov 20, 2012
Damn that looks good.
Description: In fact, although a station wagon body style joined the Corvair lineup in 1961, Chevy soon learned that Corvair buyers tended to be more attracted to the car's sporty nature than they were to its...
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Description: It was the Monza which, in 1962, would get the option of a turbocharged engine. The base Monza engine was the same as the regular car, but here it was tuned to produce 95 horsepower. Alongside this wa...
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Jonathan Bowen Nov 25, 2012
See the shiny chrome tube going to each head? The black coupler coming off it in the middle is the compressor exducer.
Wyatt Ortega Nov 20, 2012
Look at that beutiful engine
William Downs Nov 20, 2012
My guess would be that turbo sitting on top of the engine staring u in the eye
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Nov 20, 2012
Ha look at the belt assembly
Abdelrahman Mahfouz Nov 20, 2012
Which part is the turbo?
Darian Vorlick Nov 20, 2012
That's a gorgeous snail shell.
Chris Huff Nov 20, 2012
The grandpappy of all charges
Description: However, the heavy lifting of the engineering work was done at Chevrolet. The sporty image was good for sales, with sales peaking at 337,371 units in 1961 and staying strong through 1965. Motor Trend ...
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Description: With all of its exotic engineering, these were the kinds of cars the Corvair was up against, and it did very well. Two things would lead to the decline of the Corvair. The first was Nader's book,...
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Jesse Andersen Nov 20, 2012
Coming from a man who was denied Presidency 42 times, I'm not believing it. It is in the book "World's Worst Cars" but after that Nader book Chevy turned the car around.
Joshua Basse Nov 20, 2012
Whoop Texas A&M proves Nader wrong haha. Another great reason to be an Aggie.
Aislin Cooper Nov 20, 2012
Nader didn't know anything at all about the Corvair
Michael Zimmermann Nov 20, 2012
My grandmother drove a Corvair Wagon up until 1980.
Dillon Dixon Nov 20, 2012
Station wagon FTW! I would rock one of these in a heartbeat!
Paul Dickey Nov 20, 2012
Description: Simply put, the Corvair was no more prone to crash than any of its contemporaries, but by then it was too late. Nader certainly didn't help, but the real undoing of the Corvair was the Ford Musta...
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Jordan Jackson Nov 21, 2012
So Nader built this cars coffin, the mustang/pony car segment nailed the lid on, lol
Description: Although the reasons why are easy enough to understand, it's still a shame that it took GM so long to get back into turbocharging. But when they did, the results were even more spectacular, more ...
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Jesse Andersen Nov 20, 2012
I read on CarBuzz once that the fastest Trans Am was the one with the Grand National 6 turbo'd. So I'll 4th that, haha. Buick's sexy itself tho.
Kyle McCullough Nov 20, 2012
Ryan Rainville Nov 20, 2012
Exactly what I was going to say
Theo Hubbard Nov 20, 2012
Buick gnx
Zeus Mocha Nov 20, 2012
So clean
Mike Bakhsheshi Nov 23, 2012
Dodge charger rims? Or atleast they look like it
Carlton Salmon Nov 20, 2012
@ Brandon. My comment was originally on the previous page.
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 20, 2012
Sweet little ride
Carlton Salmon Nov 20, 2012
Haven't seen a four door version of the Corvair Monza before - looks great. Hard to believe this is over forty years old!