Comments - Renault Debuts Megane Estate GT 220

Published: Nov 20, 2012
Description: European buyers looking for high performance combined with utility can do a lot worse than Renault's range of hot hatches. But what you need more space than those pocket rockets can offer? Renaul...
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Adam Solomon Nov 20, 2012
Can we please get a version of this in the US?!
Description: The suspension, brakes and steering have also been optimized for a sportier ride, while Renault's Sport&Start ignition system keep fuel consumption and emissions under the EU's radar. 18...
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Max Ignatyev Nov 22, 2012
Woah, don't get me wrong, I like stationwagons. In fact, I prefer them over suv's, but this car just looks cheap and ugly.
Brandon Bairian Nov 22, 2012
Thanks to a few focus grouped doucheguzzling imbeciles, wagons are now practically extinct in the NA market.
Graham Young Nov 20, 2012
I really really wish we had more wagons in the us the just plain awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Max Ignatyev Nov 20, 2012
Eww, has a Mazda look to it. I'm glad it's not on US roads
Jake Judges Nov 20, 2012
Really like it
Simon Trépanier Nov 21, 2012
... With the TDI engine.
Simon Trépanier Nov 21, 2012
The Jetta wagon got 6 speed too!
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 21, 2012
It's not uncommon with six-speeds today.
Jake Judges Nov 20, 2012
A six speed estate? Nice