Comments - Porsche Panamera GST Onyx Concept

Published: Nov 20, 2012
Description: Right or wrong, the Panamera is a firm favorite with the tuning world, and the latest aftermarket specialist to show Porsche's super sedan some love is Ireland-based Onyx Concept. Its Porsche Pan...
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Mike Bakhsheshi Nov 21, 2012
Nevermind no it doesnt
Mike Bakhsheshi Nov 21, 2012
Looks nice... But the front resemble an FR-S just a tad.
Cody Gillard Nov 20, 2012
Looks very nice
Drew Humphrey Nov 20, 2012
@Brandon Well that was uncalled for...
James Salaba Nov 20, 2012
Wow now there is a Panamera that is not making me sick! Good job!
Wyatt Gordon Nov 20, 2012
its a whale with some sticky out bits glued on it
Carlton Salmon Nov 20, 2012
Now there's a Panamera I like the look of!
Robert S Young Nov 20, 2012
Sam Oglesby Nov 20, 2012
Looks nice better than the standard car
Description: The Stage Two program comes in at $23,599, for which you get all of the above plus a ventilated SuperSport hood, front fender vents, a roof-mounted fin and carbon-fiber mirror caps. Additional options...
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Gurjit Singh Nov 21, 2012
Lol brandon is one stupid piece of shit
Sam Oglesby Nov 20, 2012
Would look better if there wasn't the gap near the rear lights
Jake Judges Nov 20, 2012
I see a little estoque in the front
Dillon Magee Nov 20, 2012
I think it's a little too busy
Drew Humphrey Nov 20, 2012
Everything but the spoiler and the red outline I like.
Tobias Mersinger Nov 21, 2012
Wow! 24k sure doesn't buy u alot...
Grant Paquin Nov 20, 2012
I don't like the length of the nose. Always prefer a snub myself. Rest looks spot on
Cody Gillard Nov 20, 2012
Same here
Darren Martin Nov 20, 2012
I like how they did this