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Published: Nov 20, 2012
Description: The recipe employed by the German power-houses is pretty simple, even if its implementation is anything but: stick a big V8 in the front and have it drive the rear wheels. But the times they are a-cha...
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Kyle Kloewer Nov 25, 2012
4wd means less sliding like a yobo around corners but then what will Jeremy Clarkson buy? A jag?
Serge Pankratov Nov 21, 2012
Im not a huge AWD fan myself, but having something as powerful as an AMG Merc helle yeah id get it! Looks like Godzilla will have one more challenger out there :) cant wait to see what AMG will be ablo to do in AWD..
John Serely Nov 21, 2012
If they make it an option, then I love it! Where I live, rwd is great for a "fun car" but for a daily driver, the amount of snow and rain that we get makes awd worth the safety and the ease of getting around, even if it sacrifices a little
Alex Renaud Nov 21, 2012
Kyle, some people will argue that an AWD system will weigh a car down, and that pure sports cars are (mid-engined) RWD.
Waleed Alshahri Nov 21, 2012
Great,, that would control the madness of these mercs around the corners.
Dillon Magee Nov 20, 2012
As long as they keep the RWD as an option, thats fine with me.
Jesse Andersen Nov 20, 2012
American cars HAVE to be RWD. European you expect that thing to handle on ice at 170. I'm surprised they haven't been usin the 4matic or somethin for AWD.
Lou Guerrero Nov 20, 2012
False. I see rich old folks in AMGs EVERYWHERE where I live.
Drew Humphrey Nov 20, 2012
This actually makes sense. Many business executives won't buy a RWD Mercedes-Benz AMG. They'll get a BMW X-Drive because its safer but still fast and classy. By offering AWD, Mercedes-Benz might be able to bolster the sales in its high-performance brand, AMG. Boom.
Morgan Dame Nov 20, 2012
im pretty sure this is going to be an option so u can buy awd or rwd and ive known about the e63 will have awd and mid 3 sec 0-60, the c63 is going to have 525hp and possibly awd imagine that
Chad Schley Nov 20, 2012
It would be cool if you could deactivate the front drive with the push of a button. With electronic differentials these days it would be possible. So can have your big smokey burnouts, and your sub 4 second 0-60 time.
Josh Andrews Nov 20, 2012
Keep it rear wheel drive!!
Malachi Monteiro Nov 20, 2012
I think the black series will be RWD still. I dunno
Lucas Hill Nov 20, 2012
The AMG lineup will definitely be a lot faster but less fun
Matt Piccolo Nov 20, 2012
I'd like if they offered it as an option, I'd b disappointed if the killed off the rwd though!! Big time
Lou Guerrero Nov 20, 2012
No more big, smokey drifts.
JB Kolod Nov 20, 2012
Perhaps to combat the Audi RS models?
Kyle Rawn Nov 20, 2012
What's wrong with AWD?
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 20, 2012
Ryan Spencer Nov 20, 2012
The same raw power with some... Wait for it... TRACTION!? Hell yes I would... I hope they still offer RWD variants, as I still like me some standing burnouts.
Justin Routh Nov 20, 2012
I dont like AWD. From the article it sounds like its just gonna be an option though
Matthew van der Linde Nov 20, 2012
As long as its quite a rear-biased AWD, i'd still get an amg merc
Aventador Lamborghini Nov 21, 2012
Nicest m3 I did ever see
Lead Peddalin Nov 20, 2012
He's an Internet tough guy. They're like cockroaches.
Grant Boshart Nov 20, 2012
I agree BJ
Miguel Jimenez Nov 20, 2012
@Ryan Smartass remarks? Don't give him too much credit, they're more like dumbass remarks.
Ryan Faber Nov 20, 2012
im really tired of brandons smartass remarks. you think your cool or somethin bud?
Wyatt Gordon Nov 20, 2012
no!!! I love the RWD!
BJ Flores Nov 20, 2012
Something doesn't look right about that pic. The left rear wheel looks too skinny...
Paul Dickey Nov 20, 2012
So sexy.
Description: What's destined to change is the availability of four-wheel traction on its sedans like the C, E, S and possibly even CLS-Class models. Most of these sedans (in their base forms) are already avai...
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Serge Pankratov Nov 21, 2012
I agree Sam.. I love the current E class.
Sam Hansen Nov 21, 2012
I think that an AWD E63 might just be the greatest car ever...
Description: As AMG powertrain chief Friedrich Eichlers pointed out in speaking with Australian car news site Drive, Audi's RS models all pack Quattro all-wheel drive, and BMW is tipped to do the same with th...
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Zaire Wilkins Nov 20, 2012
this car is fun to drive in forza horizon
Saif Altaeef Nov 20, 2012
This is my favorite AMG
Justin Routh Nov 20, 2012
This is the only one that should have the option. Maybe e class too.. But like you said with all that power from the v12, plus its a S-class nobody's taking it to the track
Zaire Wilkins Nov 20, 2012
this needs AWD badly 621hp bi turbo V12 is no joke
Victor Pitts Nov 21, 2012
*past weekend! That guy was tearing up COTA! Lol
Victor Pitts Nov 21, 2012
Saw this as a pace car at the F1 race this
Serge Pankratov Nov 21, 2012
Id get it in a snap! Love this Merc
Tanton Stoneman Nov 20, 2012
I want it!!
Rockesh Boulder Nov 20, 2012
For the most kick ass soccer mom
Marc Flamer Nov 20, 2012
C63 estate the best of both worlds. Wish they brought it state side.
Mitchell Mefford Nov 21, 2012
I wonder how the new 4 door 6 series will compare to the cls
Dan Bousquet Nov 20, 2012
@justin i must say i agree with u. i love the way the cls looks, but i would definitley take the m6
Lou Guerrero Nov 20, 2012
For the record, there's seriously a difference of almost 100K between the S63/65 lol I love the CLS AMG.
Allen Kim Nov 20, 2012
This or the S63/S65...
Kyle McCullough Nov 20, 2012
Audi S7 for me
Wyatt Gordon Nov 20, 2012
I'd rather have an Audi RS4 or maybe an RS6. or heres an idea, get a used Quattroporte!
Justin Routh Nov 20, 2012
Love the CLS. It would be a very hard decision between this and the M6 although i'd probably end up with the M6
Oscar Rubio Nov 20, 2012
Too good
Carlton Salmon Nov 20, 2012
My God, that looks absolutely outstanding.
Craig Lafey Nov 20, 2012
Damn that's so nice!
Carlton Salmon Nov 20, 2012
Still love the CL's.