Comments - DUB Magazine Pimps Avalon for SEMA

Published: Nov 02, 2012
Description: Toyota commissioned DUB Magazine to create a special edition Avalon for SEMA 2012, whose doors have been opened this week. "DUB has proven here that the new Avalon makes a sharp urban ride,"...
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Rachel Ribeiro Nov 03, 2012
Lets face it ;the Avalon is an old ppl's car and no matter what they do to it it'll never look good,Toyota needs to fire all their designers cuz since the supra it was never a car that stands out IMO
Andrew Palmer Nov 03, 2012
It looks like they are trying to make Avalon look like optima...
Ron Vinson Nov 02, 2012
I will agree this is the best Looking Toyota sedan in their stable.
Frederick Perez Nov 02, 2012
Looks good minus the white lining on the front bumper
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 02, 2012
I actually like the rims a lot. Just not crazy about the new lip job. :0
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
I like everything but the trim around the grill, looks tacky
Devin Babyn Nov 02, 2012
Other then the rims and the white lipstick it looks pretty good
Edgar Jauregui Nov 02, 2012
Idk why most people are hating, it looks great. I love how DUB didn't overdue it xD. ppl just don't appreciate it "cuz it's a toyota."
Grant Boshart Nov 02, 2012
Actually the regal gs is pretty sweet
Judah Lindvall Nov 02, 2012
Why did they use an avalon?!? Guess at least they didn't use a Buick hahaha
Christopher McSween Nov 02, 2012
Avalon is for older folks. Toyota is attempting to reach a broader market w/ this new design.
Jason Brown Nov 02, 2012
It's one of the nicest looking family cars I've seen. Sure beats the competition considering the size, price, comfort and reliability.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 02, 2012
They pimped it? It's impossible to make this car look nice. Why bother?
Brandon Bairian Nov 02, 2012
Grill has silver lipstick on
Tracy Keiser Dron Nov 02, 2012
Nice but no liking the big mouth accentuating...
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
Wow, that actually looks cool!
John Serely Nov 02, 2012
This looks good, but it's still an avalon
Cory Allen Nov 02, 2012
Wow, the first DUB edition anything that I didn't want to burn.
David Justice Nov 02, 2012
Nice and clean
Description: Other exterior mods include a lowered suspension, custom lower body kit, Brilliant Black paintjob, de-chromed body, a custom mesh grille, and tinted windows and taillights. The cabin has been upholste...
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Frederick Perez Nov 02, 2012
Nice body kit
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 02, 2012
I think I would appreciate it more 10 years later when my stiff ride is hurting my lower back.
Lou Guerrero Nov 02, 2012
I don't wanna like it but it was well executed. Wheels fit great (although huge) and the interior looks good too. Well done but not for me
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
Yea I wouldn't buy one, I just think it looks good for what it is
Matt Sutton Nov 02, 2012
Not my cup of tea. But for what it is, it looks good.
Dylan Bruder Nov 02, 2012
You can have it I don't want it
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
I'm liking the rear
Rachel Ribeiro Nov 03, 2012
Remove the rims And burn the rest
Nick Sti Nov 02, 2012
Because WedsSport are the best? ;)
Shane Prasad Dec 11, 2012
Looks like a interior fit for gramps
Jared Michael Scalla Nov 02, 2012
Too much suede
Shannon Sims Nov 03, 2012
Nice and clean.
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 02, 2012
Way to massage the steaks before grilling.