Comments - Chris Harris Drives the DeltaWing

Published: Nov 02, 2012
Description: If, after discovering the DeltaWing finished the Petit Le Mans in fifth place, your first thought was "how can it compete with cars that have twice as much power?" then check out Chris Harri...
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Description: What you will discover is that the DeltaWing is a car with fundamental stability. It has a light front end with 100mm-wide tires, wishbones less than a millimeter thick and a spring and damper unit fr...
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Ryan Rainville Nov 05, 2012
Wow this thing is awesome
Peter MacNeil Nov 05, 2012
Delta Wing needs it's own race series. Racing against completely different designed race cars is futile. Love this car very much and seeing F1 is moving to 1.6L in 2014, the Delta Wing design is a perfect match to give the cars the speed and excitement they need. F1 Delta Wing, oh I can dream. Additionally a lighter base colour may make it more visible to other racers, especially for Porsche drive...
Janak Solanki Nov 05, 2012
Remarkable video. I love the way the guy explained the science behind it. I mean looking at it, I would think that it is not stable at all. The rear suspension was madness.
Victor Pitts Nov 03, 2012
@Alex: You sir are the reason Nissan does the things they do... For lack of a better statement, you're a closed-minded reject, now GTFO Troll.
Miranda Nearlydriftingondreams Pavelle Nov 03, 2012
Just watch the video and listen. I think this car is brilliant, and fun to see racing.
William Downs Nov 03, 2012
U only want a wide track on the rear, that's why when people widen cars the rear gets widened and the front usually doesn't or just a tiny bit, this things turning radius is crazy good, the 2 tires being close to each other makes the car extremely responsive and precise, what there accomplishing with this car is ground breaking, Alex is just to close minded to understand
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 03, 2012
Yea I guess I'm just accustomed to seeing shit done a certain way, I can't wrap my head around their explanation either.
Lou Guerrero Nov 02, 2012
It's just plain physics. Just because your mind thinks it should work a certain doesn't make it a law of nature. Kudos to Ben, the boys at AAR and Nissan for making this happen.
JB Kolod Nov 02, 2012
I'm sure there is clever engineering to counter it, but such a narrow front track HAS to lead to understeer. There is no way the back end gives up before the front in this car. It's just as fast as a regular car but probably awful on the limit.
Ben Knorr Nov 02, 2012
Jorge, because the front of the car is so light it doesn't need very big tires, also because the front is so narrow there is no roll which enables both front tires to work more efficiently in a corner. they explained this quite well in the video
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 02, 2012
Yea but there's a reason that sports cars have a wider track, it helps them in the corners, this thing is cool but I don't see how the front end of it can work in it's advantage.
Lou Guerrero Nov 02, 2012
@Alex, did you watch the video or google this car? Its perfectly balanced and just as fast as the traditional cars. The smaller frontal area means its more aerodynamic in the straights. This car is amazing.
Austin Lark Nov 02, 2012
The reliant robin had one tire at the front and a lot of weight on that tire. Not even the same concept here. This thing is awesome and the amount of engineering in it is unbelievable.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 02, 2012
It doesn't seem like a car with the front wheels so close together would be good in corners, anyone remember the TG episode on the reliant robin? Lol
Herbert Beltran Nov 02, 2012
You dont seem to understand its purpose dude. Its a design study. An experiment to see how you can make cars more efficient, lighter, increase power/weight ratio, all by changing the design. And Nissan did a damn good job
Alex Medvedev Nov 02, 2012
You would think by now they would give up on that shitty design car
Description: Even though the bulk of the weight and powerplant is at the back, as the amount of weight carried by the front axle, the distribution of the downforce created under the car on the front axle and the t...
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Description: Typically on a rearward-biased car, the inside front tire is doing practically no work through the corner, while the outside front tire is doing almost all the work. But on the DeltaWing, the proximit...
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Lou Guerrero Nov 02, 2012
I really wanted this car to do well at Le Mans