Comments - Accord and CR-Z Display 'True Grit'

Published: Nov 02, 2012
Description: Honda fans have been critical of their beloved automaker of late for not being at the top of its game. Gone are models such as the S2000 roadster and more compact (read: sportier and more fun to drive...
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Jorge Gonzalez Nov 03, 2012
Of course it'll sell, people like bland and common, because people are like sheep and follow each other in herds.
Ray Liu Nov 02, 2012
True it's bland but it will sell
Colby Church Nov 02, 2012
Too much like the last. They could've made it more aggressive.
Shelby Cassandra Nov 02, 2012
@Dylan. Agreed.
Dylan Bruder Nov 02, 2012
I saw one and I thought it was very bland I just thought it had no personality
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 02, 2012
Your rite its a very good looking car in person
Brendan Bell Nov 02, 2012
I saw one of these the other day. I must say- I'm warming up to Honda
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
I agree, looks great!
Dylan Berry Nov 02, 2012
Description: No power upgrades were made under the hood, instead Honda concentrated on giving give the coupe some much-needed visual flare. Just 500 special edition models will be built, sporting 19-inch alloy whe...
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Chris Gaines Nov 05, 2012
I said dragged because that's how my fwd car feels when I take a corner lol
Henz Herrero Nov 02, 2012
Im not gonna say anything bad about a 328 but the accord coupe is one of the hottest fwd coupes in the market..
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
Oh wow, can't believe I didn't catch on lol!! XD But he did say dragged around not pulled lol
Johnny Francis Nov 02, 2012
Being pushed By rwd rather than pulled by fwd. it just isn't effective. Rwd is the way to go.
Judah Lindvall Nov 02, 2012
Sorry I meant rwd although awd would be awesome too
Judah Lindvall Nov 02, 2012
I drive a fwd eclipse but really wish I had awd
Jack Howard Nov 02, 2012
Honda makes some of the best FWD cars out there
Devin Babyn Nov 02, 2012
RWD>FWD. Pretty easy to understand
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
@ Chris whatta ya mean? And the v6 accord is like 6k less than the 3 series
Chris Gaines Nov 02, 2012
I'd rather be pushed around a corner in a bimmer than dragged in a Honda..
Jake Knickmeyer Nov 02, 2012
The accord coupe is surprisingly satisfying to drive, lot of power going to the front wheels to pull you around
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
Stephan, the v6 accord coupe is quicker than a base 3 series, u can't say it ain't sporty lol
Stephen Cobbs Nov 02, 2012
(facepalm) Honda if you want to please your customers you dont make your cars LOOK sporty.
Description: As the CR-Z has never quite lived up to its potential we're hoping this concept will find its way to showrooms. Why exactly? One word: supercharged. The Honda Performance Division (HPD) may only ...
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dave.hall.5437923 Jul 20, 2014
either it needs to be a little lighter or hav a little more power. but u gotta admit, this car is pretty cheap for what u get
Robert Bond Nov 09, 2012
Not great power added by supercharger. Do Honda listen to customer feedback?
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
@ Michael, go with the v6 Lol
Michael Beach Nov 02, 2012
Supercharged Accord owners are gonna be real disappointed when a stock Si walks by them. Fun to drive means it has to be peppy. This thing weighs too much to have Civic Si power. It'll be a pig
Judah Lindvall Nov 02, 2012
That would be enough power for a light car but this thing is packed with batteries (assuming this version is still hybrid)
Jason Brown Nov 02, 2012
Why is everyone so hung up in HP? look at the Mini Cooper, not much power but a real fun car to drive. Test drive the BMW 320d F30. Similar power and you will be amazing how fun it is to drive. The power is more than enough.
Judah Lindvall Nov 02, 2012
I wanna know how heavy this is
Shelby Cassandra Nov 02, 2012
They added a blower and it still has no power? Fail.
Judah Lindvall Nov 02, 2012
Not sure if I would want to drive it even if they did make a good performance version. Already kinda ruined it's reputation :/
David Justice Nov 02, 2012
I thought Honda's performance division Mugen?
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
Make the hood white and it would look great
Paul Goodwin Dec 01, 2012
Another example of modern design that only looks new, and has no classic beauty. Ugly big mouth-like too many others these days. The thing will look dated in a few years. Too many car designs these days where all you can say is that it looks modern. Who will want it in even 5 years?
Paul Goodwin Dec 01, 2012
It has potential. But it definitely needs work to "cool" it
Danny Burns Nov 04, 2012
These things look pretty cool but they need way more power. Put the first s2000 engines in it and needs to be rear wheel drive.
Judah Lindvall Nov 02, 2012
Yeah I want to see someone actually use hybrid technology to ENHANCE the performance on an entree level performance car
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
Yea I agree! These look good just their performance is ehh... For a hybrid it's pretty good though
Judah Lindvall Nov 02, 2012
Iv always liked the looks of these. Just one of those cars that the looks outdoes the performance
Frederick Perez Nov 02, 2012
Rear end looks so much better.