Comments - 48 Karmas Gather in Santa Monica

Published: Nov 02, 2012
Description: Fisker Karma owners love to gather in large numbers, fitting as no one else is brave enough to stand next to one of the spontaneously combusting luxury hybrids. We've seen them gather in Holland ...
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Brandon Manworren Nov 03, 2012
Lol the fire jokes never get old this company is doomed
Matty Michaels Nov 02, 2012
Hurricanes to the East; fires to the West. We're doomed.
Michael Beach Nov 02, 2012
Breaking news: A raging fire is out of control in Santa Monica. Fire crews are overwhelmed and outlook is bleak. Fisker says 'we're looking into it'
Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 02, 2012
Article should have been called "Fire Danger Increases in Santa Monica"
Tyler Tarbox Nov 02, 2012
And let the fire jokes begin
Jared Michael Scalla Nov 02, 2012
Only because that's all that's left
Brandon Bairian Nov 02, 2012
Fire Marshall escort...
John Atnip Nov 02, 2012
Wait for it...
John Serely Nov 02, 2012
I feel bad for fisker, this whole "fire" thing must really be hurting sales ALOT
David Justice Nov 02, 2012
I'll bring s'mores!
William Downs Nov 02, 2012
Look at them so nice hosting a bon fire for the city
Kyle Rawn Nov 02, 2012
How have these cars not been recalled?
Nick Schnee Nov 02, 2012
B-B-B-B-BONFIRE! (Knife Party anyone?)
David Parenti Nov 02, 2012
Keep a fire extinguisher nearby.
Cory Allen Nov 02, 2012
For a Bon fire? :D
Description: The route included a stretch on the famous and picturesque Pacific Coast Highway. The caravan of Karmas was led by company founder Henrik Fisker and included a preview of the Karma's upcoming bab...
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邱靜文 Dec 09, 2012
Mike Puno Nov 03, 2012
...then all of a sudden that street is on fire!
Ross Black Nov 02, 2012
"Guys, lets have a revv party!!! Oh wait..."
Blaise Harned Nov 02, 2012
Talk about a horrible sound! They sound so annoying
Carlton Salmon Nov 02, 2012
The noise in the background is really annoying.
John Serely Nov 02, 2012
... Uh-oh ...
Eric Burns Dec 05, 2012
Does anyone else find this car seriously ugly???
Semuel Maysonet Nov 03, 2012
FYI....all photographs are taken by an insurance agent and assisted by a firefighter. Haha
Mike Puno Nov 03, 2012
lol Clay
Clay Williams Nov 02, 2012
Santa monico was a peaceful place but that all changed when the fire nation attacked.
Xavier Stephens Nov 02, 2012
These cars are so beautiful. It's a shame they are such huge fire hazards.
Rob-Hater Hurter-Acuna Nov 02, 2012
@ Jared- hahahaha that's funny
Jared Oteri Nov 02, 2012
Look at all that suck, dats alotta suck!
Stephen Cobbs Nov 02, 2012
Biggest death trap in history.
Riley Di Pol Nov 03, 2012
The pearl in that paint!!!!!
Mike Puno Nov 03, 2012
Lots of late life crisisessss. Lol Omg I love reading the comments on Karma articles also.
Aaron Crisp Nov 02, 2012
They have a death wish!
Oleg Odessit Nov 02, 2012
Do u get the sane static shock from them? Or its 1100v?
Oleg Odessit Nov 02, 2012
I wonder if they got paid?
Clay Williams Nov 02, 2012
Did you know the karma was originally designed for terrorist who wanted a car that came with a built in bomb.
Omar Ali AlRushaid Nov 02, 2012
Good that they parked here. Where there is water a few meters away...
Kyle Rawn Nov 02, 2012
I love Karma articles just because some of the comments are so funny.
John Atnip Nov 02, 2012
If they get wet, that parking lot is doomed.
Donte Perino Nov 02, 2012
Run away before they catch fire!
Tyler Tarbox Nov 02, 2012
I love the looks of this car. Absolutely stunning