Comments - 1000HP Honda S2000 Burns Rubber

Published: Nov 02, 2012
Description: Our regular readers should be aware by now that CarBuzz is a huge fan of the dearly departed Honda S2000, and desperately hopes that one day the Japanese automaker will decide to resurrect the car wit...
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Austin Goodman Nov 03, 2012
Hope they don't bring it back. They'll almost definitely ruin it.
Description: Unsurprisingly, when he takes the insanely powerful S2000 to the dragstrip for a quarter-mile sprint, it has a very close call with a wall. As you'll see from the video of the run, generating all...
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Max Bonds Nov 03, 2012
way more than 35 lbs... close to double probably likely 50-65
William Downs Nov 03, 2012
Yup that s2k has a 2jz in it with a turbo bigger then the engine it self, shits crazy, and neither Hondas f20/f22 or the 2jz are shit engine apparently u don't really know anything outside of your corvette cause the only thing u ever say is how everything is trash except your corvette
Shannon Sims Nov 03, 2012
Ok I new iveseen this car b4 on YouTube. It's got a 2jz swap. Witch to me is even better!!!
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 03, 2012
Why is tue article about the s2k when the rx7 ran high 8s WTF.
Alex Mabbott Nov 03, 2012
That sound was awful.
Maaz Khan Nov 03, 2012
Lool Jared, well said!
Ben Norton Nov 03, 2012
I'm a huge fan of keeping original motors in cars and tuning those. LS swaps make a great deal of sense, but they seem to be missing something...
Jared Oaks Nov 02, 2012
The only reason Colby said LS is that there's a Vette in his profile pic. They are narrow minded and think there choose is the best. Anybody can built a motor with 1k hp. The fun part is making it work
No Pistons Nov 02, 2012
I respect built speed MUCH more then bought or swapped.
No Pistons Nov 02, 2012
@colby Anything actually objective to say? LS (great motor) is nothing more then a simple solution to power. There is no engineering challenge or real intelligence needed (automotive wise) try squeezing out another 800hp out of your original 4 cyl
Ryan Patrick Clauson Nov 02, 2012
I'm sorry, but I don't think that's a 4 cylinder in it, listen to it again and it sounds nothing like a vtec, I am probably wrong but to my ears it sounds like a 2jz. On top of that he'd have to be making 35psi+ to be making the figures, to me idk..
Joe Tolland Nov 02, 2012
That's not a F20/F22 in that S2000. Sounds like a 2JZ. The tinny bumble sound is coming from the rotary in the opposite lane. <---previous boosted S2K owner
Colby Church Nov 02, 2012
@ No Pistons It would have been a lot cooler if it had an LS engine instead of this POS 4 cylinder. It would sound 50 times better too. There's a reason everyone does it, it's a good idea.
Josue Vazquez Nov 02, 2012
Fastest is s2king just did it at maryland 7.37 at 189 mph. Have street car from same tuner on daily driver 10.6 at 141.7 mph. Bulletproof. Red star from pr
Dillon Magee Nov 02, 2012
That much power out if a 4 cyl is insane
Michael Dunn Nov 02, 2012
The s2000 almost crashed haha
Jimmy Janik Nov 02, 2012
Sickest s2k yet
No Pistons Nov 02, 2012
Yay! Someone who actually built a motor not just swap in a LS like everyone one else unable to take a challenge and think outside the box
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
That's sick!
Brian Johnston Nov 02, 2012
Byakka Hirakawa Nov 02, 2012
Gotta love the fact they kept the 4 cyl in it and just worked out it
Shannon Sims Nov 02, 2012
Wow that's crazy power output for a engine that size. That RX7 was outta there!!!!
Jonathan Romero Nov 02, 2012
Lol the honda almost hits the wall at the end (x-.) B-D
Jimmy Case Nov 02, 2012
Who cares. It will last 10 passes down the track then blow. If you want power get a real car. That thing sounds like a go cart.
Patrick Schalk Nov 02, 2012
I'd like know how much psi that thing is turned up to
Frederick Perez Nov 02, 2012
Rx7 on the other lane? Insanely quick- CB should have write the article instead of the S2k :)
Matt Piccolo Nov 02, 2012
Agrees, the exhaust looks awesome!
尤品敦 Nov 02, 2012