Comments - Usain Bolt Steps Up Excitement with Special GT-R

Published: Nov 19, 2012
Description: Walk. Jog. Run. Sprint. Bolt. GT-R. That's the order of things when it comes to speed, because one of the only things faster on this earth than Usain Bolt is Nissan's high-tech supercar. It&...
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Description: Bolt had this new Premium-spec 2014 GT-R decked out in the same tone as the medals he's accrued. Complete with Bolt's signature, the car will be put up for auction on November 22 on eBay Mot...
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Jordan Smith Nov 19, 2012
So because he crashed his M3, he's suddenly a tool? I don't quite see the logic.
Ryan Spencer Nov 19, 2012
The M3 he flipped multiple times was proof that just because you can run fast doesn't mean you can drive fast, and just because you're currently popular doesn't mean your a giant dick...
Paul Dickey Nov 19, 2012
Love this guy. Don't be a hater JB
Stephen Cobbs Nov 19, 2012
Does anybody read the articles? This isnt his car. Its his own special edition. Its being auctioned on eBay.
JB Kolod Nov 19, 2012
As tactless and tasteless as the man himself
Colby Church Nov 19, 2012
He probably will. Being a great runner has little to do with operating a fast automobile.
Joe Lamouk Nov 19, 2012
Hope he wont crash it like his M3.
Jake Judges Nov 19, 2012
Ben Schmidtchen Nov 19, 2012
Lol. This is awesome
Maaz Khan Nov 19, 2012
Agreed Dillon
Dillon Magee Nov 19, 2012
I think it looks better on this than most
Philipp Kentner Nov 19, 2012
I don't like this color on cars in general
Zaire Wilkins Nov 20, 2012
haha you so funny
Zaire Wilkins Nov 19, 2012
Zaire Wilkins Nov 19, 2012
hush brandob
Jake Judges Nov 19, 2012
Love how long it is
Kevin Carlin Nov 20, 2012
It's probably another language lol
Carlton Salmon Nov 20, 2012
Lol @ Maaz. But really, Badr, what on earth did you say in your comment box?
Maaz Khan Nov 19, 2012
Badr Ur drunk, go back to sleep :P
Badr Soufi Nov 19, 2012
Swetchaa betcha à Many ma maa bêchez Ectt. Ra$ i lové car tan kyouuu -777777
Gurjit Singh Nov 19, 2012
i see ass of an fx in the back