Comments - Porsche to Launch Cayenne e-Hybrid in 2014

Published: Nov 19, 2012
Description: Here's the bottom line: Porsche earns a boat load of money for every Cayenne and Panamera it sells. The 911 and Boxster/Cayman, by contrast, don't produce nearly the same profit margins,...
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Stephen D Nov 20, 2012
If they were better cars I would have no problem with hybrids. Also if they were being built out of consumer demand from a free market instead of being mandated by socialist government I would have no problem. Being forced into them big problem
Varun Pathak Nov 20, 2012
Hybrid cars generally have less power so will it suit a Porsche. However, it is a good car
JB Kolod Nov 19, 2012
Bottom line is hybrids are here to stay, combustion engines will keep getting smaller until they are only in niche or service vehicles. It's not about how much oil is left, or batteries in landfills, it's about making better cars and more money.
Austin Sullivan Nov 19, 2012
So, uh, guys. How 'bout dem cars?
Stephen D Nov 19, 2012
Cars are efficient enough they account for less then 10 percent of the worlds pollution
Stephen D Nov 19, 2012
This ev and hybrid crap is so short sighted what happens when we have all these huge ass batteries in the land fills. Not to mention all the pollution it takes to mine and produce the materials for those batteries
Jesse Andersen Nov 19, 2012
Didn't realize I was one of the few men that read these articles. If you EVER purchase a hybrid you are of the female gender. Nuff said. P.S. Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Bugatti don't need an SUV. Porsche's are a thing of the past.
Jason Watkins Nov 19, 2012
As battery technology advances hybrids will only get better and eventually gasoline will be obsolete. EV's already can produce more power in a smaller space, they're held back by battery tech.
Puneet Dass Nov 19, 2012
People bash hybrid cars all the time. Those are the people that have no idea about strategic business philosophies
JB Kolod Nov 19, 2012
Agree with @emil hybrid tech is changing so quickly you can't discount ever owning one. If you were told five or six years ago about how the 918, F70, and even BMW i8 perform you would have thought it nuts. Who knows in another five years.
Emil Creed Kleijsen Nov 19, 2012
You'll have to stop being small minded Erich, hybrids are the future, we just have to face it, Porsches supercar is a hybrid, hell, even the next Ferrari Supercar will be a hybrid, so you're basically telling me you don't want an F70?
Description: The Cayenne e-Hybrid, as it will likely be called, will have a drivetrain similar to the current Cayenne Hybrid, only it'll be more advanced for more electrical power and capacity. The electric m...
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Description: The Cayenne e-Hybrid will be four-wheel-drive only and its EV range should come in at around 15 miles. Porsche will also offer owners a unique smartphone app to control and monitor charging remotely. ...
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