Comments - Mercedes Updating E-Cabrio

Published: Nov 19, 2012
Description: Mercedes-Benz will roll out its "Real Design Revolution" in 2014 starting with the C- and all-new S-Class coupe, with the E-Class to follow in the middle of next year. Having seen a number o...
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Avery Williams Nov 19, 2012
Me too Stephen! I can't wait until the new S class debuts!
Stephen Reed Warren II Nov 19, 2012
Ready for the new s class coupe (CL). One of my favorite cars
Will Smith Nov 20, 2012
thought that was a BMW with that camo on. Must be those two square things on the front.
Description: It's also due to get new front and rear bumpers, new taillights and a more upright grille. Technologically, the E-Class will have an array of cameras, lenses and sensors to feed the numerous adva...
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Chris Kuyumdzhyan Nov 19, 2012
VVV that made me laugh. It's an Insane number
Janya Pulusu Nov 19, 2012
Trevor Humphrey Nov 19, 2012
It's looks nice but I would lower it a little
Dheeraj Mehta Nov 19, 2012
I agree... My cousin has one of these and that's the only thing I don't like...
Carlton Salmon Nov 19, 2012
I was hoping they were going to get rid of that unsightly crease above the rear wheel arches - the only thing I don't like about how the car looks IMO.