Comments - BMW M5 Ring Taxi Does its Job

Published: Nov 19, 2012
Description: The Nurburgring is something every gearhead needs to experience. But if you don't have the skills and the intimate knowledge of the track's every dip, peak, turn and straight, you'll ei...
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Al Tungupon Nov 22, 2012
Dear Lottery, I've been a good friend to you. You know who should be driving the Super Veyron, I know you do. It shouldn't be so hard copying the numbers I'm about to put down, right? Sincerely, Al
Al Tungupon Nov 22, 2012
It's a gorgeous thing, miles better than the Hyundai Genesis, but the latter drove the correct pair of wheels. The last Eclipse is just a big FWD coupé. Two-doors are supposed to be sports cars, so it should have been either RWD or 4WD. Sadly, it just went the way of the Solara and Monte Carlo.
Al Tungupon Nov 22, 2012
Instead of being developed as an Evo coupé, the Eclipse only grew bigger and heavier to become much like a two-door Galant. The second generation was the best, with 4WD and turbo engines to boot.
Al Tungupon Nov 22, 2012
This angry little thing needs Ralliart/Evo running gear. It would probably give the X1 and Q3 a run for their money.
Al Tungupon Nov 22, 2012
It already looks the part in becoming a small hot hatch. May Mazda finally give the Yaris some soul.
Al Tungupon Nov 22, 2012
The 86 roadster may well be rebadged as the next Miata.
Al Tungupon Nov 22, 2012
Hope to see Sabine Schmitz back. She's the only go-fast female I respect (well, and Vicki Butler-Henderson).
Description: The previous E60-generation, ten-cylinder M5 did the job for years, but after the model was retired, the E90 eight-cylinder M3 took over. That was only to fill the gap until the new F10 twin-turbo eig...
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Ethan Amo Nov 19, 2012
That's really cool
Kayli O'Brien Dec 11, 2012
Lou Guerrero Nov 20, 2012
Gonna miss ya f1 style V10
Dillon Magee Nov 19, 2012
That's cool