Comments - Audi Developing Q8 Crossover

Published: Nov 19, 2012
Description: Audi has given the green light to the new range-topping Q8, a high-end crossover SUV that will crown the brand's range of sportier, Range Rover-rivaling 4x4s. According to Car magazine, the Audi ...
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Chad Schley Nov 19, 2012
Guys it's all about filling gaps. It's a marketing strategy, having a model for all price levels. So depending on what the customers income level is the have an appropriate model. Trust me these guys know what they are doing. It seems to be worki
Nodnarb Ydil Nov 19, 2012
Now is a popular time for SUV's and crossovers. I do agree that this is overkill though
Dave Larby Nov 19, 2012
How many SUVs does one manufacturer need?? I'm sure it's considerably less than this!!
Description: The new Q8 will boast an aluminum-dominated structure that some say will be 300kg lighter than the lumpy Q7. Stylistically think of a crossover A7 or A8, with Audi's limo set to spawn a multitude...
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Alex Renaud Nov 19, 2012
@Chad: 1kg = 2.2lbs. Therefore, 300kg = 660lbs, so it is not over 1300lbs.
Chad Schley Nov 19, 2012
That's over 1300lbs lighter. Pretty impressive weight savings. That's about 20% reduction.
Kyle McCullough Dec 04, 2012
I drove a touareg in forza. Monsterous torque
Chad Schley Nov 19, 2012
When I was in Germany back in 2009 I got to drive a 2007 Touareg R50, twin turbo V10 TDI. That SUV was a freight train man. Had huge mid range torque and also massive brakes. They didn't sell the R50 in the states, but google it. It was bad ass
Adam Beiersdorfer Nov 19, 2012
12 Cylinder TDI anyone?
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 19, 2012
Their nice and handle really well in a/w but feel very small inside
Mike Conrad Nov 19, 2012
Not like you have much to choose from.
Matt Piccolo Nov 19, 2012
Think this is my fav of the Audi SUVs!
Philipp Kentner Nov 19, 2012
Looks pretty cool