Comments - Aston Martin DBS by Wheelsandmore

Published: Nov 19, 2012
Description: The latest project by Wheelsandmore is based on an Aston Marin DBS, with the German tuning house giving the British sportscar a new set of alloys, a lowered suspension and a modest boost in power. Its...
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Steven Spinal Saem Nov 19, 2012
Esto es basura
Ben Koch Dec 20, 2012
@Tyler. That's pretty much impossible. I could not buy anything for the next 200 years and not have enough money to buy and pay insurance for a car like this.
Jacob Burford Nov 24, 2012
Epic! I would take this over any Ferrari any day!
Gurjit Singh Nov 19, 2012
@tyler haha
Tyler Tarbox Nov 19, 2012
@Ben. Or maybe work hard and earn one?
omarSV Nov 19, 2012
as gorgeous as cars get
Jason Levy Nov 19, 2012
The things I would do to own an Aston...
Ben Koch Nov 19, 2012
My goal in life is to steal this car
Ryan Kimmel Nov 19, 2012
Yes. Yes it is.
Janak Solanki Nov 19, 2012
That looks spectacular
Description: By utilizing F1-sport air filters, a catalytic converter neutralization kit and a flap-controlled exhaust system, output has increased by 40 horsepower and 66 pound-feet of torque to 557 hp and 486 lb...
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Tin Nguyen Nov 19, 2012
Or if the mods increase it by 40hp the total is now 550 not 557.
Tin Nguyen Nov 19, 2012
Someone at carbuzz needs to retake elementary math. Stock DBS has 510hp. The mods increase it to 557, which is 47 (not 40) more hp.
omarSV Nov 22, 2012
*wheels look sick
Sam Biggin Nov 20, 2012
Wheels look shit
Tyler Tarbox Nov 19, 2012
The only car in the world that makes a DB9 look cheap lol
Kai Andrew Carlson Nov 19, 2012
Sick!!! Simply amazing.
Mike Bakhsheshi Nov 19, 2012
Dillon Magee Nov 19, 2012
omarSV Nov 19, 2012
absolutely stunning!
Thibault Leroy Nov 19, 2012
Craig Lafey Nov 19, 2012
Love the DBS
Colby Church Nov 19, 2012
That looks nice.
Michael Weber Nov 19, 2012
The red is perfect. Just a nice touch of color.
Janak Solanki Nov 19, 2012
Oh yessss
Eric Loke Nov 19, 2012
Looks good actually.
Sam Biggin Nov 20, 2012
I'd prefer a normal set of alloys
Andrew Hubbard Nov 19, 2012
omarSV Nov 19, 2012
I agree Mr.Salmon
Greg Kenerly Nov 19, 2012
Dylan, the S in DBS is for sport. I don't disagree with your Classy statement but sport is sport.
Carlton Salmon Nov 19, 2012
I prefer the wheels all black as opposed to the red rim variety. Otherwise it looks great - hell it's a DBS so it'll always look great - just keep it away from Mansory and Office-K!
Janak Solanki Nov 19, 2012
Look at those back tires!
Dylan Bruder Nov 19, 2012
I like the all black better personally to me the red trim on the other set tries to hard to make these seem too sporty when I see these as more classy cars
omarSV Nov 22, 2012
Chris Gaines Nov 20, 2012
6 spd!!!
omarSV Nov 22, 2012
love the red stitching
Brandon Metzger Nov 19, 2012
\/ lol I just imagined someone in a forest saying that.
Jared Oteri Nov 19, 2012
It's a stick!<3
omarSV Nov 22, 2012
nice carbon effect