Comments - Scion FR-S by Vivid Racing

Published: Nov 18, 2012
Description: Our friends over at Vivid Racing seem to simply be having way too much fun lately. After running a Porsche 911 Turbo in the Targa Newfoundland Rally back in September, the Arizona-based tuning outfit ...
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Description: With features developed in-house including a full header-back exhaust system, short ram intake and lightweight pulley, this FR-S has been turned into what Vivid describes as a "tire shred monster...
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Josh Ware Nov 19, 2012
Beautiful car with som sweet lines...but why in the world a four cylinder. I think Toyota could have created the same dynamic car with better power.
Kyle Malcomson Nov 19, 2012
Why did they change camera angle so often and why didn't they find a good driver
Isaac Suarez Nov 19, 2012
Badass!!! It sounds fantastic, looks great, and as we all know performs great also!!! Ladies and gentlemen, these twins...have just started their legend!!! Now, for us dads...if they only built a sadan version with at least 250hp!
A.J. Brady Nov 19, 2012
Great video. And the music was perfect in this video.
Johnny Francis Nov 19, 2012
That is hot!
Russ Sugar Nov 18, 2012
Damn this car is good looking; however, it's missing few balls. Just needs to get a little more power and the balls will drop :)
Michael Davidson Nov 18, 2012
That exhaust sounded sweeeeet!!!
Wyatt Gordon Nov 18, 2012
I'm thinking that music was something Ephixa would have made. anyways, great car!
Paul Yaya Mondares Nov 18, 2012
the music ruined it for me
Corey Alan Kelley Nov 18, 2012
This just rekindled my love for the brz/frs
David Guerrero Nov 18, 2012
Oh my lord. I'm in love.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 20, 2012
@Jon. They could at least take off those stickers.
Jon White Nov 19, 2012
@Tyler this in NO way could be classified as a ricer. One, it's RWD. Two, no fart can exhaust. And three, it's only minor touches off the stock one.. Really, besides the rims, it looks stock
Tyler Tarbox Nov 19, 2012
And also the wheels and those ridiculous stickers
Tyler Tarbox Nov 19, 2012
@Jack. Uh the body kit? What else?
Scott Westphall Nov 18, 2012
That looks fantastic.
Dave Larby Nov 18, 2012
The wheels are a vast improvement over stock.
Ryan Patrick Clauson Nov 18, 2012
Looks awesome
Taylor Garry Nov 18, 2012
Night and day difference with that fender gap gone
Jack Howard Nov 18, 2012
What would make it be "riced"?
Tyler Tarbox Nov 18, 2012
Personally I think stock looks better. This almost looks, dare I say, riced
William Downs Nov 18, 2012
Damn thhat looks fantastic and sounds great, I want one in white... those rays rims really set of the look of this car
DjVegar No Imitations Nov 18, 2012
Love the rims
Matt Piccolo Nov 18, 2012
That looks awesome!
Allen Kim Nov 20, 2012
Scion / Subaru really nailed it with the design of this car. Would love to see 300hp out of it
Owen Tiernan Nov 19, 2012
I dig the ducktail spoiler
William Downs Nov 19, 2012
I know that what's your point... its still not a volk rim
Michael Montefusco Nov 19, 2012
Just a little FYI to everyone who doesn't know.
Michael Montefusco Nov 19, 2012
@ William... I'm assuming you don't know Rays Engineering manufactures Volks??
William Downs Nov 18, 2012
@1.11 it clearly shows rays on the center cap, not volk
Michael Montefusco Nov 18, 2012
Yes Frederick. We already established that.
Frederick Perez Nov 18, 2012
Volk rims
Wyatt Gordon Nov 18, 2012
great wheels! liking the titanium exhaust as well, I'd like to see this car in white
omarSV Nov 18, 2012
i agree Skylar
Henz Herrero Nov 18, 2012
I can only dream of owning a set of those.. I think theyre like 3k used.. Damn soo expensive..
Skylar Drake Nov 18, 2012
The tail lights need to be black. Just looks like those tacky Euro S-10 tail lights.
John M Weishahn Nov 18, 2012
Those rims are crying out for a big brake kit to show off, or at least painted calipers.
William Downs Nov 18, 2012
Rays makes the rims
Matt Piccolo Nov 18, 2012
Very nice! I love those rims!
Jason Levy Nov 18, 2012
Who makes those rims?
Cameron Dougan Nov 19, 2012
I officially want one of these now. They just look so good with the right wheels and stance.