Comments - Qatari Prince Goes for Gold with Green Aventador

Published: Nov 18, 2012
Description: The experience of owning a Lamborghini Aventador isn't comparable to that of many other types of cars. With the exception of other supercar exotics, an Aventador is an expensive purchase and many...
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Mansour Pro Nov 28, 2012
More Speeeed Get Asphalting
Ryan Sansossio Nov 19, 2012
You dont see many lambo jobs that are actually better but damn this is one of the best
Ben Schmidtchen Nov 19, 2012
Love it
John Chase Nov 18, 2012
Wyatt Gordon Nov 18, 2012
as tacky as i think Al-Thani to be, that looks incredible!
Jack Corah Nov 18, 2012
That's a very nice car, but I would of gone for orange it's a modern lambo colour
Zachary Maurer Nov 18, 2012
Holy crap that's amazing! My dream car?
Thibault Leroy Nov 18, 2012
This looks pretty good
Description: The tuning firm is famous for its work on Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches in both the performance and cosmetic departments. For this Aventador, however, the owner wanted something truly unique, an...
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William Downs Nov 18, 2012
OK and others have them... what shows u have money more... a normal aventador painted by the factory in a factory option color, or one custom painted and on top of that its gold flaked... at least his is subtle though... didn't actually notice it till Patrick said it
Wyatt Gordon Nov 18, 2012
William, driving an Aventador already lets people know you have money... still, great job Oakley!
Boyd Boudreaux Nov 18, 2012
They use it like a pearl you can see it in the pics it's the gold sheen in the sun light, but agree why real gold ppg makes pearls that do the same thing
Emil Creed Kleijsen Nov 18, 2012
I don't mind the gold at all, but when you can't even see it? I mean, who is gonna see that car and say, damn, that green car can't possibly be that green, it must have some gold in it?
William Downs Nov 18, 2012
They put gold on everything cause there all about status, making sure everyone knows they have money all the time
Patrick Schalk Nov 18, 2012
Of course it has gold flakes in it. I'll never understand what their infatuation is with gold things
Description: Further work was done to the rear spoiler, which has been angled at 15 degrees in order to improve downforce and top speed. Oakley Design also did some tweaking to the engine management system as well...
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Tomas Arango Ferreira Nov 22, 2012
My first language isn't even english and even i realized the contradiction. Its not possible unless they wrote: "increase doenforce and cornering speed" or something like that; but not top speed.
David Gray Nov 20, 2012
....wing was to increase the top end. What more have you got to say?
David Gray Nov 20, 2012
Maybe you should learn to read aswell William. Because the article clearly says the wing was put on and set at 15 degrees to add downforce and increase top speed. Yeah it also says power was increased, but it specifically states the purpose of the...
William Downs Nov 19, 2012
Lmao.. and thanks for making your self look dumber... in the article they clearly state they they also increase the power with a tweak of the engine management and a titanium exhaust... learn to read the article and u won't look like an idiot... David maybe u should learn to read the article also
David Gray Nov 19, 2012
Cheers Ian. Love it when people try to make you look stupid but end up looking ridiculous themselves :-)
Ian Ragsdale Nov 18, 2012
They read the article, they're just questioning the accuracy of seemingly paradoxical claim....and they're right. Top speed cannot be increased by adding a big wing, only cornering speed. Top speed was probably increased by adding power.
William Downs Nov 18, 2012
Omg why do people never read the article and just go straight to commenting asking stupid questions or taking a wild guess at something... read the article before commenting
David Gray Nov 18, 2012
The stock spoiler is 1 of the retractable 1s that hides away at low speed. This 1 is massive compared to it, so I really find it hard to believe the top speed has been increased solely because of it. Power upgrades required definitely
Stephen Harry Goldberg Nov 18, 2012
That does seen improbably unless its coming down from 90 degrees. But the better question is why isn't the stock spoiler at the best angle already? That's not exactly a matter of cost and should be perfect to begin with
Joseph Flieder Nov 18, 2012
Yes it is possible.
David Gray Nov 18, 2012
Is it possible to improve both downforce and top speed at the same time?! Don't think so.....
Lou Guerrero Nov 19, 2012
Factory spec is fine for me. I bet this looks great irl
donny5.0 Nov 19, 2012
Its good no doubt
Jake Judges Nov 18, 2012
Love the two tone wing mirrors
omarSV Nov 18, 2012
lol +1 Brandon. this car looks insane :)
Tyler Sechler Nov 18, 2012
Butt ugly
Dillon Magee Nov 18, 2012
Dillon Dixon Nov 18, 2012
This actually looks fantastic! Very well done.
Esam Mohammad Nov 22, 2012
That Qatari plate makes the car looks cheap !!
Ben Schmidtchen Nov 19, 2012
The concept sv version looks pretty good
Phillip B Jong Nov 19, 2012
I wonder if the stock wing comes out still or if it's simply deactivated?
Tyler Tarbox Nov 18, 2012
Can't wait for the SV version of this!!
David Hicks Nov 18, 2012
Reverse camera?
Wyatt Gordon Nov 18, 2012
Thibault, I disagree. this wing looks great! and could someone tell me what that black square below the Lamborghini badge is?
omarSV Nov 18, 2012
@Adenis: lol what are you talking about? i dont think theres anything wrong with the pics, all carbuzz pics are lower resolution than you might see on a website to make it quicker for us to load articles. this car is a beast.
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Nov 18, 2012
For the Qatari prince. You're so rich, why the hell are the pictures pixelated badly. Yeah probably the company did it, but didnt they get paid enough to buy a decent camera?
António Villas-Boas Nov 18, 2012
It was such a pretty car before someone thought they could do better than Lambos design team...
Redge Diakité Nov 18, 2012
Yes It's better the stock one (in term of look) but it's 36kg ligther if I remember ;)
Thibault Leroy Nov 18, 2012
I know its functional but rear wings just dont look right on aventadors. And i dont like the exhaust its better stock
John Chase Nov 18, 2012
Well Wyatt when you get your own you can paint it however you want.
Wyatt Gordon Nov 18, 2012
went a bit overkilll, I wouldnt have painted the cross brace