Comments - Mercedes Reveals C-Class Sport Package

Published: Nov 18, 2012
Description: Buyers looking for a sportier take on the Mercedes-Benz C-Class but unable to stretch to the full-on C63 AMG may be interested to learn that the German automaker has just announced a new AMG Sport Pac...
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Chris Friend Jan 20, 2013
Drive A C250 Sport, or a C300 Luxury, or a C63, you'll change your story
Chris Friend Jan 20, 2013
You've never had the enjoyment of driving one then.
Stephen Reed Warren II Nov 18, 2012
No - it should read "Some package comes to an entry level mercedes." I know a lot of ppl like this car but it's nothing close to special imo
Chris Friend Nov 18, 2012
Misleading title. Should read: Sex Package comes to hottest sedan ever made
Craig Lafey Nov 19, 2012
Hope they come with dual exhaust.
Gurjit Singh Nov 18, 2012
@ Drew.. u mean coupe
Dylan Bruder Nov 18, 2012
Yeah they've been doing this for awhile it's only new because this is the sport package on the new model
Carlton Salmon Nov 18, 2012
I guess it's Mercedes-Benz take on the BMW M Performance range - giving the buyers the looks and feel of the more powerful cars but without the performance or the high purchase price.
Drew Humphrey Nov 18, 2012
Nice sports sedan...not as bonkers as an AMG but not as docile as a regular C Class.
Description: The cabin has been decked out in artificial leather and suede, a flat-bottomed sport steering wheel with paddle shifters and red trim for the upholstery stitching, floor mats and seat belts. The optio...
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Justin Routh Nov 18, 2012
I completely agree tim
Tim Puckett Nov 18, 2012
It's a plastic pos
Tim Puckett Nov 18, 2012
See if this were an american car everyone would've just said
Shannon Sims Nov 18, 2012
As much as I like MB there should never be an "artificial" option available!!!
Aiden Bass Nov 18, 2012
Takes AMG wheels. Adds another spoke. DONE
Sam Biggin Nov 18, 2012
I want one
Spiros Manessis Nov 18, 2012
What an interior ! Sorry BMW, love M3 but this coupe ....
Sam Biggin Nov 18, 2012
Nice interior
Thibault Leroy Nov 18, 2012
Yeah thats what i was thinking
Drew Humphrey Nov 18, 2012
The red seat belts are a nice touch.