Comments - Maserati QP to Offer Turbo V6 and V8 Engines

Published: Nov 18, 2012
Description: When Maserati took the wraps off its new Quattroporte a couple of weeks ago, it didn't give us much in the way of details. (That's why we've been tweaking the few photos it has released...
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Dillon Magee Nov 18, 2012
That greens actually pretty nice
Zachary Maurer Nov 18, 2012
I like the green, but I think a dark blue would look classier, and this is also a fantastic car
Adel Veis Nov 18, 2012
Very nice
Ben Bourdon Nov 18, 2012
Maybe not my first choice for that car, but that paint is pretty nice
Dylan Gregori Page Nov 18, 2012
Sweet green
Sam Biggin Nov 18, 2012
That is a horrible colour
Description: We'll have to wait until we get closer to the car's full unveiling at the Detroit Auto Show in January to get the full skinny, but the latest reports give us some insight into what we might ...
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Description: Expect 0-60 times north and south of the five-second mark with top speeds reaching 177 and 191 mph, respectively. Both engines are expected to be built around aluminum blocks (as opposed to heavier st...
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Pritesh Patel Nov 19, 2012
good look....
Wyatt Gordon Nov 18, 2012
they did a good job on the front and rear fascias, but they sort of messed up the sides, the side reminds me of a charger now
Stephen Reed Warren II Nov 18, 2012
I'm glad the QP is giving us a 520hp option. This is needed to compete w.the S600, A8L w12, and 760li
Pritesh Patel Nov 19, 2012
its Hart of car
Wyatt Gordon Nov 18, 2012
I took the plastic in my first car off.
Sebastian Grey Nov 18, 2012
Until it broke down.
Carlton Salmon Nov 18, 2012
I think Alfa Romeo were one of the last to sell their engines with polished intakes and no plastic coverings. Their V6 looked like a work of art which the owners took great pride in displaying, and rightly so.
Clay Williams Nov 18, 2012
I actually want to see the engine not a Plastic salad bowl with Maserati written on it!