Comments - 2 Racers Killed at Macau Grand Prix

Published: Nov 18, 2012
Description: Safety in motor racing improves with every passing year, but there's no doubt that it's still a dangerous sport. That's what they found out the hard way in Macau this weekend, where two...
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Victor Pitts Nov 19, 2012
RIP, guys... It's always so sad to see fellow racers fallen victims to these kinds of accidents.
Terrance Parker Nov 18, 2012
I'm such a huge Motorsports fan ever time something like this happens I am deadly saddened. My heart goes out to the they're family's and friends.
Patrick Schalk Nov 18, 2012
RIP fellas
Thibault Leroy Nov 18, 2012
Yeah this is sad RIP
Dillon Dixon Nov 18, 2012
At least they were killed doing something they loved. RIP
Jake Judges Nov 18, 2012
Rest in peace
Alex Medvedev Nov 20, 2012
I've seen worse cant believe he died maybe from brain injury
Victor Pitts Nov 19, 2012
That had to have been a lot of impact for them to pass in a vehicle in a roll cage like that.
Oleg Odessit Nov 18, 2012
I know, not at all. Sad very sad
Description: The first took place when Portuguese rider Luis Carreira was killed on Thursday when he crashed his motorbike in the Superbike race. A veteran racer, Carreira had competed in the Macau Superbike race ...
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Lou Guerrero Nov 19, 2012
Fitting surname for a racer. RIP.
Description: The car burst into flames and rolled to a halt before rescue workers cut the mangled car open, extracted Yau and transported him to a local hospital where he was pronounced dead 40 minutes later after...
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Lou Guerrero Nov 19, 2012
Sounds violent. RIP.
Isaias Almanza Nov 18, 2012