Comments - VW Gives Beetle the Exclusive Touch

Published: Nov 17, 2012
Description: Volkswagen has introduced a new Exclusive trim to the Beetle and Beetle Cabrio range based on the Design and Sport equipment lines. The Exclusive features include polished black 18-inch Twister alloys...
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Adam Thomson Nov 19, 2012
LOL its not much important to be first commenting things, just kidding...
Sam Biggin Nov 18, 2012
We are bunch of sarcastic fans today
Alex Renaud Nov 18, 2012
@ Adam: The word proud doesn't even begin to describe how I feel for you. And such a significant and profound comment to boot.
John Serely Nov 17, 2012
@adam congratulations........
Zachary Maurer Nov 17, 2012
Congrats, you want a cookie?
Clay Williams Nov 17, 2012
And we're all so proud of you. *clap* *clap* *clap*
Adam Thomson Nov 17, 2012
First comment EVER!!!
Michael Serrano Nov 19, 2012
So it has vw cc seats looks better then the regular. Rims are ugly.
Jommel Marcella Nov 18, 2012
Like those seats.
Sam Biggin Nov 18, 2012
It's still a beetle
Stephen Ishard Nov 18, 2012
Hey everyone shut up and look at the car that's why we are here just saying :)
Jamie Chase Nov 17, 2012
Still looks good!
Dillon Dixon Nov 17, 2012
Dang! That is fantastic! Great job VW!
Ethan Amo Nov 17, 2012
I actually never imagined that it would look this good...
DjVegar No Imitations Nov 17, 2012
The wheels just look so cheap rest is good like the seats very nice
Description: Standard features include a Black Uni dash panel, stainless-steel door sills embossed with the words "Volkswagen Exclusive", a three-spoke leather steering wheel, front sports seats, and lea...
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Sam Biggin Nov 18, 2012
@alex brilliant!
Alex Renaud Nov 18, 2012
If you look closely on the dash you'll see 2 little hooks. They were specially designed for men to neatly hang their balls and dignity as they entered the car.
Jesse Williams Nov 17, 2012
The convertible looks better than the coupe, especially with its top down.
Ethan Amo Nov 17, 2012
Damn, that's really nice....the wheels need a bit of work though