Comments - Unique of the Week: 1959 Fiat Abarth 750 Zagato

Published: Nov 17, 2012
Description: Abarth has for years been a name associated with speed and style. Its relationship with Fiat has been intact since 1952, when it built the Abarth 1500 Biposto and has since been a regular fixture in t...
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Harvey Brard Nov 17, 2012
It's a beauty
Pedro Macêdo Nov 17, 2012
Reminds me of a aston, specially the back.
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 18, 2012
Baby Aston.
John Serely Nov 17, 2012
This looks great, love the double-bubble roof
António Villas-Boas Nov 17, 2012
Zagato as made some of the most amazing limited production designs. Just check the Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato...
Chris Gaines Nov 17, 2012
nvm, it's a glorified beetle, rear engined and all
Chris Gaines Nov 17, 2012
engine intake??
Description: Not bad for a small company that never managed - or wanted - to become a large mainstream automaker. But like its scorpion symbol, it's always had a quiet presence and when it bites, the sting is...
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Description: Instead of the base 633 cc inline four-cylinder engine, Abarth bored and stroked it to 747 cc and nearly doubled output for a total of 41.5 horsepower. Rechristened the Fiat Abarth 750, the powers tha...
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Description: Just to give you an idea as to how small the 750 Zagato was when compared to the Fiat 750 sedan, it was 8.1 inches lower and 1.5 inches shorter. Along with having to look sporty, the other reason for ...
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Description: Even the headlamps were covered with glass and not plastic, so it's rather easy just to consider the entire car as being quite delicate. Still, it was a striking design and a wonderful exercise i...
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Timothy Hooker Nov 17, 2012
my weed eater has this engine..does a great job on high brush
Adam Beiersdorfer Nov 17, 2012
Not sure why they are piping the exhaust back towards the front of the car?
Ben Bourdon Nov 17, 2012
That's where the other engine goes
Bailey McLendon Nov 17, 2012
What about that space to the left?
Description: And now one of them is now up for sale on eBay. The seller claims this Abarth 750 Zagato is in stunning condition and has been displayed in many concourse events. It's also had a body-off restora...
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Description: With just 500 miles on the odometer since the engine transplant, the highest bid was $64,100 but the reserve wasn't met before the auction ended. Despite not having the original and correct engin...
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Aislin Cooper Nov 17, 2012
What's the yellow one?
Bailey McLendon Nov 17, 2012
I like the yellow one more.