Comments - Legacy STI Wagon and Sedan Launched in Japan

Published: Nov 17, 2012
Description: Just as Subaru is preparing for the debut of its next-generation Forester, its STI performance division has just unveiled something a little more interesting. Available as both a wagon and sedan, Suba...
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Benjamin McCormick Nov 18, 2012
Subaru...if you're listening...I will write you a check for one of these right now if you bring it to the US.
Antonio Falsetti Nov 18, 2012
Everybody else gets the best cars while we're left out.
Milan Jovanovic Nov 17, 2012
Most euro cars have factory tuners if regural sedans and vags;)
Nick Ballard Nov 17, 2012
Very true as well as most euro models of cars look better over seas than they do here
Puneet Dass Nov 17, 2012
Not just Subaru, most Japanese car manufacturers keep the nicer cars for themselves.
Ada Onwukaike Nov 17, 2012
Very cool..
Matt Piccolo Nov 17, 2012
Really liking this!
Puneet Dass Nov 17, 2012
Looks good.
Brandon Bairian Nov 17, 2012
Fugly . Give me back the 90's please subaru.
Jon Ashley Nov 17, 2012
Sweet!! I'm actually liking this
Description: All told, just 300 examples will be made and they'll be available to customers in Japan beginning now until March 12, 2013. Upgrades for both body-styles focus mainly on styling and handling, but...
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Stephen D Nov 18, 2012
LAAAAAAAAme instead of putting a impreza engine in a legacy how about a legacy engine in a impreza. I'm talking about a 450hp+ 6 cylinder twin turbo sti to compete with a Nissan gtr, Subaru could undercut the gtr price and offer it in manual
Benjamin McCormick Nov 18, 2012 have to put a decent engine in too. This just doesn't make sense. Just tore up the check.
Dylan Knapp Nov 18, 2012
This is dumb, just get the 2.5 gt, it actually has a major power increase
Antonio Falsetti Nov 18, 2012
Good thing it's not available in the US. Those 300 units would be hard to sell.
Judah Lindvall Nov 18, 2012
That's sad
Zack Farmer Nov 17, 2012
Wow, what a let down..
Description: The sedan is given a trunk-lid spoiler while the wagon receives one on the roof. STI and tS trim badges are also tacked up front and back. The interior has been treated with titanium gray carbon trim...
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Sam Biggin Nov 18, 2012
Not that impressed with the interioro
David Guerrero Nov 17, 2012
Shouldn't be an option on subaru
Ethan Amo Nov 17, 2012
Agreed, 3-pedals are the best option for Subaru
Maritsa Zarate Nov 17, 2012
Better with 3 pedals
Matt Liong Nov 17, 2012
Can't believe this is not coming to the US. :(