Comments - DMC Begins F430 Scuderia Project

Published: Nov 17, 2012
Description: One of the stars of the 2012 SEMA Show was DMC's special edition Lamborghini Aventador. But while the Italian supercar was taking all the plaudits it seems the German aftermarket specialist was h...
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Brandon Bairian Nov 17, 2012
DMC? Does it have a flux capacitor?
Patrick Schalk Nov 17, 2012
Hey CB editors, you should do an article on Four Wheelers Offroad comparo. It's a goodie.
Jordan Jackson Nov 17, 2012
Cuz they're easier to get ahold of now (when compared to the 458, that is)
Dennis Choong Nov 17, 2012
Wonder why tuners are working on models phased out by manufacturers
Walter Robinson Nov 18, 2012
Ever heard of paint? Well it's this stuff that changes the color of things. They put scuderia like parts on a normal f430, works for me (when painted of course).
Jay Sivanathan Nov 18, 2012
This isn't even a scud. They have indeed ruined a 430
Rockesh Boulder Nov 18, 2012
Brandon, you should make a tunning company :P
John M Weishahn Nov 18, 2012
Carbon Fiber is a cool material, but slapping it all over the place for ifs own sake is just silly. It will be remembered as a fad.
Sam Biggin Nov 18, 2012
But then Carlton it would hardly look different to the stock car.
Carlton Salmon Nov 18, 2012
I think it would look okay if all the carbon fibre was painted red. I like the wheels but could do with a less fussy design, like a 5 or 7 spoke pattern maybe...
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 18, 2012
I dont like ferrari either but i do like their cars
Victor Pitts Nov 17, 2012
I hate Ferrari... Yes, I'm down at the f1 track in ATX
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 17, 2012
I saw an F430 scuderia today. So beautiful
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 17, 2012
It looks like its mouth is duck taped with carbon fiber.
Shannon Sims Nov 17, 2012
This looks cheap.
Matty Michaels Nov 17, 2012
The number one rule of the internet: Don't give out any personal info... Like your age
Drew Humphrey Nov 17, 2012
The rims are too flashy.
Jordan Jackson Nov 17, 2012
Office K, start taking notes, lol
Description: We can also see the front lip, aka "the Sword" that fits snuggly in the bumper, has been sorted in the lightweight material. Plenty more is expected of the fledgling project, especially with...
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Daniel Bellafonte Nov 18, 2012
The leather wrapped F430 was a bit dubious.
Shannon Sims Nov 17, 2012
Still looks cheap
Jake Judges Nov 17, 2012
@daniel it's very hard to make a 430 look bad lol
Daniel Bellafonte Nov 17, 2012
Even in its unfinished state it looks really good still.
Herbert Beltran Nov 17, 2012
Mitchell did you even read the article? They say its not completed more than once. Give it a couple months time and it should be done
Rockesh Boulder Nov 17, 2012
It is unfinished ._.
Mitchell Cherry Nov 17, 2012
It almost looks unfinished.
Austin Sullivan Nov 17, 2012
Jordan Jackson Nov 17, 2012
I don't know what it is about these, but I like them so much more than the 458
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Nov 17, 2012
350z looks beautiful. And they pulled the ferrari off nicely
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 18, 2012
These rims look great!
omarSV Nov 17, 2012
well spotted tyler, this is not a scuderia
Thibault Leroy Nov 17, 2012
Yeah i dont think this is a scuderia
Tyler Williamson Nov 17, 2012
Looks good none the less!
Tyler Williamson Nov 17, 2012
This isn't a scuderia... Unless the changed the rear bumper to a standard f430 spec. The scud has centered exhausts that are raised.