Comments - UK Bans Toyota GT-86 Ad

Published: Nov 16, 2012
Description: Toyota's brilliant new ad for the GT-86 (known Stateside as the Scion FR-S or Subaru BR-Z) has a clear and simple message: That its rear-wheel drive sports car offers an exciting escape from the ...
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Description: Having reached the edge of the virtual world full of life, he explodes through a glass wall and into the real world where one assumes driving a sports car with a bit of enthusiasm isn't immediate...
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Patrick Joseph Nov 18, 2012
This video is not available on your country. That's one thing not showing it on television. But banned from YouTube as well. Have we been invaded by china overnight? Censorship my ass.
Jack Howard Nov 17, 2012
I would be ha
Jack Howard Nov 17, 2012
Similar car because they have a family.
Jack Howard Nov 17, 2012
Ok so it doesn't have "soul" like a BRZ or FT86. But that still doesn't mean it doesn't have a "fun factor" to it. Not everyone can get a coupe that was geared towards having tons of fun. So the typical alternative would be to get an Accord V6 or...
Joe Brooks Nov 17, 2012
This is the coolest commercial ever !!!
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Nov 17, 2012
The Camry effect.
Bailey McLendon Nov 17, 2012
Me too Tyler
A.J. Brady Nov 17, 2012
Jack, we all know that you think that you v6 Camry/accord is a fun car and has "allot of power, man" but it's a car that has no soul, no true "fun" factor to it.
Chris Gaines Nov 17, 2012
accords and camrys are boring, simple as that. there is no passion for enjoyment in how they're built, just breadnbutter reliability/safety/mpg ratings. I respect the gt 86 cuz it breaks that trend for Toyota,minus the pussy engine
Clay Williams Nov 17, 2012
...Face like a brick, which it probably would.
Clay Williams Nov 17, 2012
Jack he wasn't implying that Camrys and a Accords are boring, he was saying that they were boring. I don't see what that the problem is though he was just stating that they are both so average and uninteresting that this add would hit them in the...
Jack Howard Nov 17, 2012
He obviously took a shot at Camrys and Accords by implying that they were boring and slow
Gadi Walla Nov 17, 2012
I am employed in a marketing department. 70/30 in my opinion this was set up to be banned by the creators to make a buzz around the ad. Just edgy enough without being offensive.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 17, 2012
The song reminded me of Inception lol
Tyler Tarbox Nov 17, 2012
@Jack. That wasn't his point.
Ray Garcia Nov 17, 2012
Ok so the problem here is that they aren't using British accents right?
Shannon Sims Nov 17, 2012
Pretty coo
Ryan Riley Nov 16, 2012
What's so bad about it. It makes me want one even more
Mic Wong Nov 16, 2012
It's just helping the advertising...
Ron Vinson Nov 16, 2012
Great commercial
Paul Dickey Nov 16, 2012
Damn that was cool.
Paul DeYarman Nov 16, 2012
@doug how can you see a problem!? They are advertising a car that has great capabilities and great styling! According the complaints logic all violent movies should be banned because it shows people how to kill... Unreal how lame society has become
Jack Howard Nov 16, 2012
Colby, you are a dumbass. Not every car has to be a a ZR1. You can have fun with a Camry and Accord, especially the V6s. They have plenty of power to have fun with.
Kyle Malcomson Nov 16, 2012
The worst of it is the two people who complained probably can't drive
Frederick Perez Nov 16, 2012
Great ad imo!!
Douglas Bailey Nov 16, 2012
I can see the problem. Driving is not a game. If they were advertising a game I don't think there'd be a problem.
Colby Church Nov 16, 2012
People got angry because they realized how plain and boring their life was driving their Camrys and Accords.
Tanton Stoneman Nov 16, 2012
I don't find that offensive in any way at all. Great ad!
Edgar Jauregui Nov 16, 2012
Great commercial and great car :)
Christopher LikeaBoss Reber Nov 16, 2012
If they banned that, they might as well ban the Need For Speed commercial too.
Winston Heard Nov 16, 2012
That was pretty tame. So I'm going to assume that Toyota arranged for this banning themselves to generate some more buzz. Cool ad, though.
Rohil Chauhan Nov 16, 2012
I live in the uk and I can simply say that banning this ad is complete and utter stupidity at its worst! I hate the way they try and control everything in our lives. We're just not allowed to have any fun anymore boo!
Ben Brown Nov 16, 2012
Two people got something banned pathetic
Aislin Cooper Nov 16, 2012
The banning of this ad is ridiculous
Sebastian Grey Nov 16, 2012
That ad was fantastic. Gave me chills.
Ian Mackie Nov 16, 2012
Same here, dave
John Atnip Nov 16, 2012
Proof that someone who is opposed to everything can ruin the enjoyment of others. That was a really great ad.
Dave Larby Nov 16, 2012
Nanny state gone mad... Things like this reaffirm the reasons I left the UK!!
Matt Piccolo Nov 16, 2012
That's was cool!
David Justice Nov 16, 2012
THAT got banned?!
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Nov 16, 2012
That was a great commercial. Funny this is the same company with the best selling hybrid
Isaac Suarez Nov 16, 2012
Thank GOD I live in the US, and these people want to make us more like please!
Jerrod Swenson Nov 16, 2012
Meh, looks like the animators from polar express are working still. Dead eyes.
Dillon Dixon Nov 16, 2012
Nice ad! Reminds me of the Jeremy Clarkson ad for Forza 4. Very cool.
Alex Medvedev Nov 16, 2012
Bad ass I don't see what's so bad about it noobs
Zeus Mocha Nov 16, 2012
Very nice
Description: According to the UK's Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), Toyota's GT-86 commercial condones, neigh, encourages irresponsible and dangerous driving. It claims "that the driving, and ...
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Patrick Joseph Nov 18, 2012
Nanny state knows best...
Corey Alan Kelley Nov 17, 2012
Balls in your court Tennessee
Ray Garcia Nov 17, 2012
Good note Toyota!
Drew Humphrey Nov 16, 2012
Might as well ban every good British television show for that logic-including Top Gear. Remember the homemade police cruiser episode?!
John Atnip Nov 16, 2012
Oh, okay. Guess every car ad ever made can't show cars driving faster than you can walk.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Nov 16, 2012
Indeed #englishaccent
Description: The reality is that the only effect of singling out the ad as unsuitable for viewing is that more people will now watch it online and sales of the GT-86 will increase. ASA is clearly trying to justify...
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omarSV Nov 17, 2012
+1 Ben.
Chris Gaines Nov 17, 2012
haha it's true that by singling it out, more people will want to watch it. total waste of bureaucracy on that one..
Ben Wright Nov 17, 2012
The ASA is not a government funded body. They do excellent work on behalf of both the public and businesses to ensure that advertising is honest, fair and balanced. If it wasn't for the ASA, a company could try to make any claims it likes. You'd have tobacco companies telling you it's cigarettes were good for colds for example, which is what they used to do. Or, in this day and age, you'd have h...
Clay Williams Nov 17, 2012
@mario, that's such a great song, but my favorite is either zzzonked or arguing with the thermometer.
Ray Garcia Nov 17, 2012
Well looks like I'm about to buy this car just cause its bad ass
Mario Callirgos Nov 17, 2012
Ok, Time for plan B!!
Clay Williams Nov 16, 2012
Yes there easily in my top 5 favorite bands!!!
Nick Schnee Nov 16, 2012
Holy shit, you listen to Enter Shikari too?!
Clay Williams Nov 16, 2012
I was listening to an Enter Shikari song while reading this article. Now I feel all inspired to rebel.
Owen Tiernan Nov 16, 2012
Last sentence says it all!
Drew Humphrey Nov 16, 2012
Yeah if they put this same engine in a four-door and tried to retain the styling it would sell very well. Reclaim my respect for Toyota it would.
Facundo Planas Martinelli Nov 16, 2012
An old 2-door Tsuru to me! Lol
Noah Gavurin Nov 16, 2012
yeah, isaac, thats just dumb
Rohil Chauhan Nov 16, 2012
This was one of the best ads on the telly too! :(
Matt Piccolo Nov 16, 2012
Isaac Suarez Nov 16, 2012
Delicious, now make us dads a 4 door version please!
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 16, 2012