Comments - Supra Successor to be an EV?

Published: Nov 16, 2012
Description: We've heard the rumors before and it seems that Toyota is now absolutely intent on reviving the Supra nameplate on an all-new 21st century performance sports car. But there's a catch: the ne...
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Joshua Grant Robinson Nov 20, 2012
Think of this as a marketing campaign to drum up interest in the Supra's next generation! People pay attention because they're pissed off and bam out comes a proper Supra! Just a thought. And I think the 86 might be proof it could happen.
John Augustus Nov 17, 2012
Lmao to be fair that's a damn good point:p
Shane Carroll Nov 17, 2012
... taking their remaining loyal fan base and slapping them in the face. Its like if M. Night Shamaylan remade your favorite movie starring Nicholas Cage and Kirsten Stewart with the soundtrack provided by One Direction.
Shane Carroll Nov 17, 2012
@John it's not the fact that they're making an EV thats the problem, it's because they're replacing the best car they ever made with it. If they wanna make it and call it the Prius SuperEco whatever, fine. But what Toyota's doing here is ...
John Augustus Nov 17, 2012
*btw I meant enviromental impact far better than combustion engines, not hydrogen cells obv
John Augustus Nov 17, 2012
..then it's enviromental impact will be far better. I'm really excited to see how hydrogen fuel cells turn out. I love cars, but sooner or later we're gonna have to think of a better way of powering them then using stuff out of the ground.
John Augustus Nov 17, 2012
...out the motor if it malfunctions? In terms of EV being dirty, yes it can be if the energy produced is from burning fossil fuels. However if nuclear or even renewable sources are utilised (already 10% of all energy used in uk is from renewable)..
John Augustus Nov 17, 2012
I believe that the charge times quoted are based on single phase power supplies, not 3 phase which would be used in garages if EV tech becomes more excepted and popular. The 1 moving part is the rotar of the motor - so surely you would just swap..
Larry Martino Nov 17, 2012
replace the whole car. The EV technology is just as dirty as fossil fuels. I believe that hydrogen is the fuel of our future because it is cleaner, abundant and all that is released from the exhaust is water
Larry Martino Nov 17, 2012
@John Yes but at the same time it is a completely unreliable car. Thats why EVs dont work in everyday life. Because 1) It takes a large amount of time to charge and it gets very low mileage and 2) It has 1 moving part. If that part breaks you have to
John Augustus Nov 17, 2012
A lot of you guys are so closed minded. Haven't you seen the performance specs of the new tesla model s?! This is new tech, imagine what what it'll be like in 5/10yrs! Although I agree with a previous post - hydrogen fuel cell will be the future
Alex Renaud Nov 17, 2012
No prease. No.
Brent McCauley Nov 17, 2012
Why even talk shit, you all realize you're talking about Toyota... NISSAN AND SUBARU screw the rest of you weak japmobiles.
Chase Huddles Nov 17, 2012
I don't mind KERS being put into FR-S/GT86, but this!?!?!? I'm not that big of a fan of the Supra, but putting a nameplate like that on too a car that will be bought by idiots thinking there in with the times by buying an electric "sports" car is sacrilegious. If this really is true, then to me it will become apparent that it was Subaru who did all the major production on the BR-Z/FR-S twins.
Wyatt Gordon Nov 17, 2012
Don't you dare Toyota, dont you dare. the MK4 Supra was your last decent car, make this live up to it's name. just don't mess around with this EV crap.
Jacob Viiper McCord Nov 17, 2012
NO! no no no no no! shame on you Toyota! DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT MAKE THE SUPRA AN EV. You gotta make the supra live up to its name. If you make it an EV, you're sales will go down a shit ton. Don't do it,
Stephen D Nov 16, 2012
EV are you kidding me toyota how dare You disgrace the last decent car you ever made
James Salaba Nov 16, 2012
Mark4 is still the best supra ever just very powerful raw car unlike this EV crap.
Reid Huff Nov 16, 2012
20 to 30 years from now we will be using hydrogen cars. EVs are an outdated design that does not help the environment as much as it claims. We need to stop pollution not redistribute who does the pollution.
Colby Church Nov 16, 2012
I agree with Austin 100% :) Lol. You'll never see an EV Corvette. The day that happens I will hang myself. Haha
Joseph Flieder Nov 16, 2012
In 20 to 30 years our children and their children will look back and scoff and our reluctance of the EV.
Jon Ashley Nov 16, 2012
alright, a hybrid powertrain I can live with. But NOT this. Toyota, don't f.... this up
Chris Penza Nov 16, 2012
Why am I not surprised...
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 16, 2012
This is the most stupidest thing I've ever read!!! Make it a slight hybrid not a full blown ev!!!
Sam Oglesby Nov 16, 2012
Would rather have no supra at all than a supra ev
Austin Lark Nov 16, 2012
I'm a Chevy and American muscle man to the core but I respect the hell out of the supra cause its a badass machine. Puttin the supra name on an EV would just kill it. Name it somethin else if ur dead set on an EV sports car.
Michael Page Nov 16, 2012
It's an I6, but whatever. I'm all for a sports electric car, but don't call it a supra.
Kyle Hardisty Nov 16, 2012
the twin turbo v6 in the supra is legendary. its what makes a supra... A supra. makin it electric just ruins it
Matt Piccolo Nov 16, 2012
Ev and supra do not mix...
Hector Delgado Nov 16, 2012
No please
Matty Michaels Nov 16, 2012
Let the "I hate Toyota comments come thundering in!"
Paul Gladman Jan 29, 2013
this FT-HS concept is old and outdated now. this looked great when it first appeared at car shows years ago though
Sam Biggin Nov 18, 2012
I quite like it
DjVegar No Imitations Nov 17, 2012
Something ain't right with that front end maybe its the bumper or the weird smily face look
Stephen Ishard Nov 17, 2012
This looks terrible
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 17, 2012
WTF should the new supra look just like the old one or some shit, innovation.
Denys Lukiyanchuk Nov 16, 2012
Guys calm down it just a new prius
Corey Alan Kelley Nov 16, 2012
You guys are idiots this is the FT-HS concept from 6 or 7 years ago not the new supra
Byakka Hirakawa Nov 16, 2012
This is not a supra Toyoda, go back to the drawing board Or do u even remeber wat a supra looks like
Sam Oglesby Nov 16, 2012
Do not name this the supra it isn't worthy of the name
Sam Sexton Nov 16, 2012
looks like an uglier GT86/FRS
Natalino Monastra Nov 16, 2012
If the Supra is EV. Kill the idea now! ASAP
Matt Piccolo Nov 16, 2012
This looks awesome! But I hope it's not an ev :/
Cody Gillard Nov 16, 2012
I think it looks really good not over done yet not to boring
Adam Thomson Nov 16, 2012
I like the old one more, they could have done better with this
Nick Jones Nov 16, 2012
I don't get it? What is this a life size got wheel car
Maaz Khan Nov 16, 2012
Wth is this, looks like an Acura Tl, but even more futuristic
Description: Instead, wait for it: the drivetrain from the Tesla Model S could be assigned the task. Tesla?! Say what? For those who don't recall, the two automakers signed an agreement nearly two years ago t...
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Wyatt Gordon Nov 17, 2012
if youre gonna make a stupid "electric" sports car, just dont even think about calling it a Supra. nobody in the tuning business 30-40 years from now wants a 1000 horsepower electric car.
Matt Piccolo Nov 16, 2012
I agree!
David Justice Nov 16, 2012
Why even call it a Supra? Everything would be just fine if the name Supra was never brought into the equation.
Description: By going with a battery-powered Supra, according to GT86 chief engineer Tetsuya Tada, Toyota could accomplish its two main current goals: balance its green friendly image with building some cars that ...
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Jorge Gonzalez Nov 17, 2012
Make it an aluminum block version, the viper v10 was originally a truck motor, but made aluminum for the lighter application, it's been done many times.
David Guerrero Nov 17, 2012
George that is a terrible idea. The tundra engine weighs way to much, the new supra needs to be a turbo 6cyl. Either inline or V. Twin turbo is also great Colby... Yes the MR2 can EV, but not supra
Colby Church Nov 16, 2012
Make the MR2 an EV and leave the Supra alone.
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 16, 2012
Use tundra 5.7 liter v8 and build a sports car around it to compete with vettes and vipers. And spank whatever else the Japanese Market is making.
Kyle Rawn Nov 16, 2012
We want an MR2! Nothing less.
Thibault Leroy Nov 16, 2012
Chris Penza Nov 16, 2012
Screw green image! Make a real car!
David Guerrero Nov 17, 2012
Those are drilled and slotted brakes, there plenty big.
DjVegar No Imitations Nov 17, 2012
Sort the front end out and it would be a great car
Phillip Chan Nov 17, 2012
Love it
Camron Thomas Nov 16, 2012
Colby Church Nov 16, 2012
Pretty sick car, and those brakes are plenty large enough. They look about the same size as the ones on my 02 Vette, and it has tremendous stopping abilities!
Jason Bartlett Nov 16, 2012
Rear resembles LFA a bit . Brakes are small because it has regenerative braking system that takes care of almost all braking power needed
Aiden Bass Nov 16, 2012
Those brakes are smaller than the ones on a Prius
Sam Oglesby Nov 16, 2012
If they fitted a new front and rear to it and fitted an engine not battery's there on to a winner but still not a supra
Dankha Hermiz Nov 16, 2012
Yes matty your right I see the GTR's windows
Matt Piccolo Nov 16, 2012
This actually looks sick!
Matty Michaels Nov 16, 2012
Anybody else see GT-R in the A-pillar and roofline?
David Guerrero Nov 17, 2012
How does this look 'dumb'. where not questioning its intelligence. BTW it look great
Stephen Ishard Nov 17, 2012
Just looks dumb
Jacob Viiper McCord Nov 17, 2012
looks like a dumbed down LFA
Andrew Hossann Nov 16, 2012
At a quick glance that ft-hs looke like it said Prius I was thinking if a Prius looked that good I would definitely have a prius
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 16, 2012
I like it
Austin Lark Nov 16, 2012
It's like the newer Acura's mixed with a little G37
Matt Piccolo Nov 16, 2012
IMO this looks sick! Would b sweet of they build this!
Cody Gillard Nov 16, 2012
Yeah i dont really like the back
Zack Hartman Nov 16, 2012
Looks like a Camry on steroids
Clay Williams Nov 16, 2012
That back is terrible.
Nathan Jacobson Nov 25, 2012
Now this is a REAL supra! Forget that other LFA wannabe crap
Tim Preisinger Nov 17, 2012
Now this is a REAL supra! I'm a muscle car guy, but I have nothing but respect for this car. However, If the next one ends up being a EV... I'll laugh.
Adam Thomson Nov 17, 2012
Love it
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 17, 2012
Idk man nissans v6s sound pretty nice, I always liked how the g35 and 350z sounds with a good exhaust and the new ones sound good too.
Chase Huddles Nov 17, 2012
I never like how the Supra looked, however it did have one of the best turbocharged (if not overall) engines of all time. It a shame Japan and the auto industry as a whole stopped using straight-six's as a whole and now use dreary V6. Seriously, how many times have you heard of people raving about charismatic sounding V6's. Besides the Status and the NXS, I can't think of anything.
Wyatt Gordon Nov 17, 2012
thats a real Supra. that and the things on my feet
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 17, 2012
2 Jay Z with NAS.
Jacob Viiper McCord Nov 17, 2012
the REAL supra, Toyota. Do not ruin the name.
Ethan Amo Nov 16, 2012
Don't mess it up, Toyota!!
Author Norman R. Colson Nov 16, 2012
They just need to bring it back pure engine and all!
Alex Hohol Nov 16, 2012
Such a beautiful car
Adam Thomson Dec 16, 2012
It looks like a frog
David Guerrero Nov 17, 2012
Frederick.. This is the 3rd gen. There working on the 4th. IMO the best MR2 is the 2nd gen. Hands Down.
Chris Gaines Nov 17, 2012
make this a pos and save the supra a real smgine
Adam Thomson Nov 17, 2012
It had no boot lid useless car
Jorge Gonzalez Nov 17, 2012
This generation of MR2s was ugly as shit, I like the older ones tho 1st and 2nd gens where cool looking.
Kyle McCullough Nov 16, 2012
Frederick Perez Nov 16, 2012
Want to see 2nd gen MR2