Comments - Aventador Eternal by SR Auto

Published: Nov 16, 2012
Description: Vancouver-based tuning house SR Auto Group has been busy of late, following up on its recent 458 Italia, S63 and E63 AMG projects with a stunning aftermarket package for the new Lamborghini Aventador....
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Phil Johnson Nov 16, 2012
Pretty lame when you call your car "custom" and the only modification on it was easier to accomplish than an oil change.
Tyler Torres Nov 16, 2012
Lol thought it said negro nemesis
Dale McIntyre Nov 16, 2012
Of course the wheels are the standout feature, they're the only modification on it!
Tobias Mersinger Nov 16, 2012
Wheels and paint... You call yourselves a tuning company?!
omarSV Nov 17, 2012
@walter i know what you mean but in this case, the front isnt raised, its just a weird camera angle. im around aventadors alot and when the nose is raised, its alot higher than this. :)
Mic Wong Nov 16, 2012
Too show you it's still look flawless even lifted up
Walter Robinson Nov 16, 2012
Why do so many people leave the frot lift system in the up position when photographing cars! Bothers me Soo much
Description: Under the hood the 6.5-liter V12 continues to crank out 700 metric horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque, which is enough to send the Aventador from standstill to sixty in 2.9 seconds and on to a to...
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Brandon Metzger Nov 17, 2012
Yeah and I've heard it can do it in 2.7
Paul Dickey Nov 16, 2012
That's stock.
Matthew Crighton Nov 16, 2012
Is that the stock HP? Because that is 2 second club material. Lambo should take some tips if it isnt tho.
Brandon Metzger Nov 16, 2012
Brandon Metzger Nov 16, 2012
0-6 = <3
Brian Johnston Nov 18, 2012
@justin the paint job adds 15hp and the rims and tires are like 25hp. And if you put a cold air intact it would give you an extra 50hp. Lmao
Lee Gardner Nov 16, 2012
@justin only if you put them on a 150k+ car
Justin Routh Nov 16, 2012
So if i buy a set of rims online i can say i have a tuning company too?
Zeus Mocha Nov 16, 2012
Nice but nothing was done
omarSV Nov 17, 2012
...they wanted to, so theres alot to do! :)
omarSV Nov 17, 2012
@chris i love the aventador but its far from 'driving perfection'. everyone who has driven the car has criticised the uncomfortable ride/suspension, uncomfortable gear changes and poor steering feel. People could address those issues if they wanted to tune the car without adding turbos. cars like the 458 and mp4-12c prove cars can be comfortable, smooth and still incredibly fast on road/track. Lam...
Chris Gaines Nov 17, 2012
and to SRs defense, how do you go about tuning a car that's already tuned near driving perfection. Lamborghini didn't cut corners wen making this. short of slapping some turbos on it, which most owners won't, there's not much they can do.
Chris Gaines Nov 17, 2012
sarcasm is both a gift and a curse Matthew...
Matthew Crighton Nov 16, 2012
Stas. Actually tuning is the part under the hood
Stas Allen Nov 16, 2012
Looks good in this color and yellow break calipers. I love how they "Tuned" the car (like changing the rims is tuning).
omarSV Nov 17, 2012
+1 william. This is the nicest looking custom Aventador. One word...damn :)
Alex Renaud Nov 16, 2012
William is correct.
William Downs Nov 16, 2012
The smaller caliper is for the emergency brake
Herbert Beltran Nov 16, 2012
@ Tn, i think its one small sliding caliper and then the bigger 4-piston. Plenty weight to slow down at thos insane speeds
Tn Ng Nov 16, 2012
Is that two calipers on the rear?
Owen Tiernan Nov 16, 2012
looking as well. I wouldn't say the LP640 would be a wise choice at all against the AVENTADOR. If you really measured "wise" choices by MPG and insurance then go get yourself a Prius.
Owen Tiernan Nov 16, 2012
When you own a Lamborghini you don't care about petrol or insurance. Like it has a 6.5L V12. It's designed for people with the money to spend. Not for average joes that would just scrape by monthly payments on one. AVENTADOR is far superior
Paul Dickey Nov 16, 2012
If you're in the market insurance and petrol aren't an issue.
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Nov 16, 2012
Personally and wisely. I'll take the LP640. For reasons such as petrol, beauty and insurance.
Wayne Parker Nov 16, 2012
The Best Lambo Ever Built!!!
Chris Gaines Nov 17, 2012
only thing I wish they would change is the yellowish taillight housing