Comments - What's in Store for Seat?

Published: Nov 15, 2012
Description: Seat should consider itself lucky. Parent company Volkswagen has been on a buying spree lately of everything Italian: Ducati, ItalDesign and the Nardo high-speed test track. But the real treasure was ...
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Jacob Lerklint Nov 15, 2012
Its the bocanegra version, it looks like that
Sam Oglesby Nov 15, 2012
What the hell have they done to the front end
Description: Since buying Seat in 1990, Volkswagen has given it its own versions of existing models like the Polo (dubbed Ibiza) and Golf (Leon), only with edgier, more Latin-flavored styling. What VW hasn't ...
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Carlos Gallego Rodriguez Nov 15, 2012
So. They tray to beat alfa with such a boring car as the toledo and so...
Description: "We will make products that are centered right in the middle of their segments," added Muir, "something that customers understand straight away." The basic business model is to of...
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Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 16, 2012
Lou Guerrero Nov 15, 2012
Then why buy a VW if customers can have the same engineering at lower cost?
Nick Schnee Nov 16, 2012
I see these all the time... I even live close to a dealer... in Germany :P
Prince Huang Nov 15, 2012
How when and where
Brendan Bell Nov 15, 2012
I just saw one of these today! I live in the USA
Chase Huddles Nov 18, 2012
It looks like a more huggable Up.
Lucas Hill Nov 15, 2012
Looks kinda cool with black wheels
Donte Perino Nov 15, 2012
Not bad.
Adam Beiersdorfer Nov 15, 2012
The B7 versions with the B8 LED wrap
Kyle McCullough Nov 15, 2012
Closely resembles an audi A4 Avant