Comments - Paris Moves to Ban Classic Cars

Published: Nov 15, 2012
Description: Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe wants to outlaw from the French capital the use of cars more than 17 years old, trucks and buses more than 18 years old, and motorcycles built before 2004, considered by t...
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Debdoub Tin Nov 18, 2012
Public pay roll employees with clout instead of working for the people they hired them at the first place they hassled them by absurd laws & fines.
Ryosuke Takahashi Nov 18, 2012
Another city without a soul soon. Greedy politicians
Brandon Fortson Nov 16, 2012
This is retarded!
Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 16, 2012
Good old French pseudo-communism
Tom Heth Nov 16, 2012
Not much of a loss.....
Clay Williams Nov 15, 2012
I'm no expert on the French constitution but doesn't this infringe on some right?
Dillon Magee Nov 15, 2012
What a terrible idea.
Garrett Hullender Nov 15, 2012
Oh god... Didnt think about the classic bugattis
Colby Church Nov 15, 2012
Btw, I hate European classic cars because their styling and power doesn't appeal to me, however I understand that some people enjoy them for their own various reasons, and I respect that and believe they should be entitled to keep them.
Colby Church Nov 15, 2012
He has no right to take away people's prized possessions. If that law passes (which I doubt) it will be discriminating against people who enjoy classic automobiles, which is wrong. I would love to meet that Mayor... He would hate to meet me.
António Villas-Boas Nov 15, 2012
This is too stupid to comment... Let's also ban the mayor from farting to avoid pollution
Thibault Leroy Nov 15, 2012
I live in Paris and i really hope this law doesnt pass, i love classics
Tin Nguyen Nov 15, 2012
What about the classic Bugattis?
Jörgen Nilsson Nov 15, 2012
James: was it really that hard to read the first page of the article?
Josh Banning Nov 15, 2012
It's not an EU law it's a proposed new rule made by the Mayor of Paris.
James Salaba Nov 15, 2012
Why? Another stupid EU law! I drive 22 years old mr2 and I wouldn't change that for any new piece of computer crap!
Chad Schley Nov 15, 2012
Garret I think all citizens of all countries hate their president
Rockesh Boulder Nov 15, 2012
Rebellion? :P
Donte Perino Nov 15, 2012
Weeks later... Over half the population of Paris have now moved to other areas of France. I can see it happening.
Garrett Hullender Nov 15, 2012
*French president*
Garrett Hullender Nov 15, 2012
I hate the new president now.... WTF cars are there to be admired now when I go back to Paris I won't see any nice cars
Aislin Cooper Nov 15, 2012
I will secede before this is passed in the US
Drew Humphrey Nov 15, 2012
@Patrick CarBuzz users will cede from the Union before that hah.
Patrick Schalk Nov 15, 2012
The US will never go down this road. I won't let it.
Ada Onwukaike Nov 15, 2012
Please is there any classic car in France at all?????
Barry Boo Wilson Nov 15, 2012
US will head down same road soon. O well :(
Barry Boo Wilson Nov 15, 2012
And France lol
Barry Boo Wilson Nov 15, 2012
Fck framce
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 15, 2012
Motorcycles before 2004? They can't be that much worse than newer motorcycles.
Chris Benson Nov 15, 2012
While I agree that the ban is more or less stupid, it's hardly a "Theory" that these cars and bikes are more pollutant.
John Atnip Nov 15, 2012
I guess they finally realized their "classic" domestic cars just aren't as awesome as the rest of Europe's haha. "hmm... Citroën 2CV or Aston DB5?"
Patrick Schalk Nov 15, 2012
Stupid. Wow. What an idiot.
Erik Rudolph Nov 15, 2012
This is outrages
James Salaba Nov 16, 2012
To Peter: nothing to do with safe those cars have no power unlike new cars specially TDIs. It's all about the money!!!
Lou Guerrero Nov 15, 2012
Suspended by chicken wishbones and wire coat hangers.
Peter Skorokhodov Nov 15, 2012
not to mention that classic cars like this are incredibly unsafe
Tyler Tarbox Nov 15, 2012
Looks like they glued a bunch of Cheerios on the side
Chris Gaines Nov 15, 2012
well.. no one is gonna miss this
Erik Rudolph Nov 15, 2012
It's different
Description: Nor will they be able to buzz around town on old Vespas and other "dirty" two-wheelers. To placate opponents of the plan, who fear the poor will be driven away from the capital and that Pari...
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Chris Penza Nov 16, 2012
Can't they just modify the exhaust to emit less CO2?
Tyler Ray DeFord Nov 16, 2012
@clay well said
Jason Johnson Nov 16, 2012
@ Jenni. If that's what you think that's fine. But why don't you back up your statement with something. If that's what I am then tell me how. Next time keep your comments to your self unless you have some kind of ground to stand on!
Clay Williams Nov 15, 2012
One international government can't work because each country has its own needs and on flat set of rules would deny solutions to large but localized problems.
Caner Ozdemir Nov 15, 2012
I thought rich people drove classics, dumasses didn't think this through.
Bobby Bob Nov 15, 2012
A big world gov would actually be really good, on paper. But communism, on paper, also looked really good. We all know how that turned out.
Lucas Hill Nov 15, 2012
Your retarded jenni
Jason Johnson Nov 15, 2012
The EU should not have any say as to what a country can or can not do let alone fine them for something so trivial. This big one world government is total crap! And the US is quickly on its way to becoming just like it!
Description: It's claimed air pollution results in 43,000 deaths per year in France and cuts the lives of Parisians by six months compared to those that dwell outside the capital. Opponents of the proposal no...
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Jason Johnson Nov 15, 2012
I have an idea lets go back to horse and buggy. The only thing we will have to deal with is all the shit laying around. But hay, at least it's a green way of traveling, or brown rather!
Chris Gaines Nov 15, 2012
rather than barring a small amount of people from enjoying their vehicles, they should be encouraging and incentivizing the majority to think greener and reduce emissions. so gear heads like us can have our way with our v8s and classics.
Alex Renaud Nov 16, 2012
This car will forever remind me of the film Scarface.
David Jefferis Nov 15, 2012
Forget your rinky-dink current DS line Citroen - I just want an update version of this.
Logan LeMonnier Nov 15, 2012
Citröen DS
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 15, 2012
What are these things?
Chris Benson Nov 15, 2012
If by classic you mean unreliable, quirky, and a pain to work on, then yes "Classic" it is then.
John Serely Nov 15, 2012
I absolutely love these
Carlton Salmon Nov 15, 2012
Description: Car and taxi drivers claim these traffic schemes have simply intensified traffic congestion and do not tackle France's real problem: that 60 percent of all vehicles run on diesel, producing three...
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Aaron Crisp Nov 16, 2012
@Clay Been planning on dropping a 4BT Cummims into an old CJ Wrangler someday. They need to bring more of their European cars back here.
Geoff Novak Nov 15, 2012
@ shelby. After reading more online its gonna either be a heavty fine or impounding. Looks like its leaning more twards impounding. At any rate this is sad when you have to limit cars to keep the pollution from killing people
Clay Williams Nov 15, 2012
We really do need more diesels here in the US. Just imagine Chrysler bring back the diesel wrangler. It would be incredible!!
Shelby Cassandra Nov 15, 2012
Say someone doesn't follow this law. Would their vehicle be impounded?
Darren Nardo Nov 15, 2012
Shocking any of the old ass French junk mentioned in this article even still run ! If anybody's gonna suffer its gonna be tow truck drivers and mechanics. Taking all that junk off the road will kill their work load!
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Nov 15, 2012
They are doing the same thing in Albania. Putting higher tax rates on older vehicles to get them off the road. But France and motorcycles, WTH! Bike under 2004. Not like the French are gonna be speeding in brand new ninjas and aprilia..
Thibault Leroy Nov 15, 2012
No theyre not
Caner Ozdemir Nov 15, 2012
What da fak? Diesels are cleaner!!!
Quinn Conner Nov 15, 2012
Americans don't like diesel. Americans like turbo diesels
Aaron Crisp Nov 15, 2012
What are you talking about? Americans love diesels! The best trucks we have are diesels. And my next daily driver will be a Jetta TDI once my Focus craps out.
James E Caldwell Nov 15, 2012
I'm sure the old busses and trucks do most of the polluting. Take them out and leave the cars and bikes alone.
Zeus Mocha Nov 15, 2012
Oh Sam
Stephen Tyler Learn Nov 15, 2012
Newer diesels burn cleaner than newer gas engines but older ones do not.
Patrick Schalk Nov 15, 2012
I love diesels. All car fanatics want more diesels in the US. Don't be a dumbass.
Sam Biggin Nov 15, 2012
It an American sight so bound to be biased against diesels. Love their petrols that do shit all to the gallon
Adam Beiersdorfer Nov 15, 2012
An A3 TDI diesel puts out less pollution than its gas equivalent? What's the beef with Diesel?
Paul Sorescu Nov 17, 2012
Sorry about the misplaced punctuation.
Paul Sorescu Nov 17, 2012
You must have forgotten about the XM and, although not a great saloon, the C6 is a true, great Citröen.
Carlton Salmon Nov 15, 2012
The last great Citroën large saloon.
Alex Renaud Nov 16, 2012
If by enjoyed, you mean hated, then I really enjoyed them, too.
Chris Benson Nov 15, 2012
Always enjoyed the looks of these.
Lou Guerrero Nov 15, 2012
Serious man driving a yellow Renault (rhymes). Look out!
Peter Skorokhodov Nov 15, 2012
Ada Onwukaike Nov 15, 2012
Renault 4 balls
Mark Ifill-Haney Nov 15, 2012
What car is this?
Guo-Sheng Huang Nov 15, 2012
Carlton Salmon Nov 15, 2012
Silver DS is stunning.
Alex Renaud Nov 16, 2012
I think this thing ran the 1/4 mile in the low 9s, bone stock.
Bill Estep Jr Nov 16, 2012
Kinda looks like a retro version of the vw bus can anyone tell me what this is?
Rockesh Boulder Nov 15, 2012
She's a looker!
Lou Guerrero Nov 15, 2012
I like this.
Carlton Salmon Nov 15, 2012
So slow, the Gendarme couldn't catch a cold in this! Love the classic lines of it all the same.
Carlton Salmon Nov 15, 2012
French cars like this Renault 4 had so much charm. Such a shame a lot of that has gone.