Comments - JLR Developing Range Rover Sport RS?

Published: Nov 15, 2012
Description: Jaguar and Land Rover have shared the same umbrella since Ford bought the later in 2000, but under Tata ownership the Jaguar Land Rover group has been cooperating even more closely. That's extend...
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Description: The super-sedan is expected to debut later this month at the LA Auto Show, but Land Rover isn't about to let its sister-company have all the fun. While launching the new Range Rover in Morocco th...
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Description: The new RR Sport, however, will ditch the old steel chassis for the new Range Rover's aluminum construction, helping it shed precious pounds in improving its driving dynamics. That could make the...
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Jacob Burford Nov 23, 2012
Love the new RR!
Andrew Hubbard Nov 15, 2012
Jacob Burford Dec 18, 2012
Compared to rivals, it actually great value for money performance wise! You could also consider it a budget DB9!
Tyler Tarbox Nov 15, 2012
These are pretty sweet but performance wise they are horrible value for money
Dillon Magee Nov 15, 2012
These are so awesome
楊易安 Nov 16, 2012
where is poll i can't see anything like this in this news?