Comments - A Carrera 4 All Seasons

Published: Nov 15, 2012
Description: It's impossible to deny the impact the Porsche 911 has had on the sports car industry over the decades. Love it or hate it, the 911 is often viewed as the quintessential sports car for a number o...
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Ben Norton Nov 17, 2012
Even if you can afford it you don't want to be stopping all the time
Tyler Tarbox Nov 16, 2012
@Carlos. Does anyone actually consider mpg when buying a supercar?
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 16, 2012
Except that u can get a carera 4S fir the same money and beat it in a drag an get much better mpg. 911 also dont spontaneously combust.
Tyler Tarbox Nov 15, 2012
Hard to believe the Carerra 4 is barely cheaper than an R8. The R8 is so much better in every way!
Description: To drive that point home, Porsche has just released this video showcasing the new 911 Carrera 4 and how its advanced traction system makes it suitable for year-round motoring.
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Mustafa Zanna Nov 15, 2012
all weather
Christian De Prisco Nov 15, 2012
So 4S stands for 4 seasons lol
Mohammed Shamma Nov 15, 2012
I love the 991!!! I own the 996 but its bot even close the new 991. Simply gorgeous and one of the best
Harrison Armstrong Nov 15, 2012
I want a Porsche 911 so badly! I wish I could just wake up one morning, walk into my garage, and see the car that has revolutionized how we look at an automobile. Any generous folks have a spare laying around?
Tyler Tarbox Nov 15, 2012
Looking good
David Justice Nov 16, 2012
No it doesn't. If anything, weed saves.
Eric Dare Nov 15, 2012
Weed doesn't kill anyone get your facts straight
Lee Gardner Nov 15, 2012
Another funny fact Obama won!
Quinn Conner Nov 15, 2012
Another fun fact: weed kills more people a year then shark attacks
Ada Onwukaike Nov 15, 2012
The colour is mad too
John Serely Nov 15, 2012
I love the light bar at the back
Frederick Perez Nov 15, 2012
supra_mkiv Nov 16, 2012
Headlights on an 02 wrx look similar also but it's no beetle either
supra_mkiv Nov 16, 2012
The only resemblance of a vw beetle this car has is that you are focusing too close on the headlights alone lol
Carlton Salmon Nov 16, 2012
Probably because it is, Carlos.
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 16, 2012
It really looks like 911 turbo from this angle
Chris Gaines Nov 15, 2012
all they have to do is change the headlights...
Chad Schley Nov 15, 2012
Sam you should be banned from car buzz for that comment.
John Serely Nov 15, 2012
Not really, Sam. Not really...
Sam Oglesby Nov 15, 2012
It really looks like a beetle from this angle