Comments - 5 Vintage Monster Truck Commercials

Published: Nov 15, 2012
Description: You don't have to be a gearhead to get a kick out of all of these vintage monster truck commercials. Car lover or not, chances are at least one of these overenthusiastic commercials will bring yo...
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Description: The Pontiac Silverdome was apparently the place to be if you wanted to watch monster truck rallies in the 80s. This commercial promises plenty of monster trucks, a funny car tug-of-war contest and Hol...
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Dale Schroeder Nov 16, 2012
The Silverdome was one of the best venues in the country for big time events back then. I really hated to see it go, even if it was outclassed by better places by then.
Bill Estep Jr Nov 16, 2012
I got to see an event there before they tore the stadium down it was great up there in Pontiac michigan
Trey Reilly Nov 15, 2012
Zach Gathercole Nov 15, 2012
Looks like a ford though
Zach Gathercole Nov 15, 2012
That first truck was badass couldnt tell wat it was though
Description: Other than the venue changing, there isn't much that sets this commercial apart from the one previously featured. That being said, Baltimore does get to experience jet dragsters and robots from t...
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Description: There are few things more American than a New York City monster truck rally sponsored by Ford and Budweiser. What makes this ad so awesome? The half-tank, half-truck beast from the East!
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Shelby Cassandra Nov 15, 2012
Bummer. My ranger belongs there. Though I'm not sure what size tires they run, but I've got 44s and could probably blow the doors off of most of those.
Zach Gathercole Nov 15, 2012
Truck pulls are so awesome
Jay Tharpe Nov 15, 2012
This is back when the trucks were metal and not a frame and fiberglass. I loved monster trucks as a kid!
Description: What's the funny language being spoken in this commercial, you ask? That would be Dutch. This ad is about as vintage as Dutch Monster Jam commercials come; Monster Jam did its first show in the N...
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Description: Yes, this video is a parody. If only there was a barbecue Twinkie cookoff and a free can of Natural Light offered at every monster truck rally.
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Alex Shank Nov 16, 2012
How is Dutch Oven a name for a Monster truck?
Miguel Jimenez Nov 15, 2012
Be here or be queer...hahahahaha!
Blake Antil Nov 15, 2012
This was the best of these ones. But the best ever was the 2008 monster jam commercial. With Graaaave Digerrrr and tickets were just FIVE BUCKS!!!
Bill Estep Jr Nov 16, 2012
I would do drive this down the road listening to mud diggers people be like whaaaaat
snakeboy Nov 15, 2012
Edgar Jauregui Nov 15, 2012
drive this to destroy any other smart around town
Patrick Schalk Nov 15, 2012
Only Smart I would drive, well this and the hyabusa Smart.