Comments - Police Gallardo Does Donuts on Track

Published: Nov 14, 2012
Description: Though you're not likely to see them on the road, police forces around the world have the odd supercar in the stable. The Japanese police patrol highways in Nissan GT-Rs, British Bobbies plod aro...
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Andre Fraissinet Nov 21, 2012
We have dodge chargers and camaros in some parts of upstate ny
John Atnip Nov 14, 2012
Yeah. We have at least two Z06 Vettes that are around here.
Josh Banning Nov 14, 2012
The metropolitan police have a gallardo
Dave Larby Nov 14, 2012
The drug squad used to have Escort Cosworths and there was at least one Lotus Esprit V8 pursuit vehicle patrolling the motorways!!
Sam Oglesby Nov 14, 2012
Actually British bobbies use Mitsubishi evo's and Subaru imprezas and the odd BMW
Description: In this video you'll see the rare Gallardo highway-patrol vehicle stretching its legs and drumming up some enthusiasm for local law enforcement, all the while letting the officers hone their driv...
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Aaron Crisp Nov 16, 2012
Makes me want to play Forza. Brb
Paolo Prezioso Nov 15, 2012
Actually, only two were made. Someone crashed into one of them, so there's only one left.
Rodrigo Allen Nov 14, 2012
Typical cop, getting his share of donuts.
Tony Guel Nov 14, 2012
Nah, one was given to them and they like it do much they purchased one themselves
Chris Redfield Nov 14, 2012
They were commissioned 2 of them
Geoff Novak Nov 14, 2012
I thought this car crashed? Ive seen pics of it wrecked. Im assuming it was fixed?
rowhan116 Nov 17, 2012
how boss.
Lee Gardner Nov 14, 2012
I don't!!!!
Jesse Cornelius Nov 14, 2012
I wish my town had a cop car like that
Nick Benz Nov 15, 2012
I like the alfa 159s they actually use. Those are sweet.
Ryan Kent Dec 02, 2012
Needs blue rims