Comments - Leno Spools Up the Mazda Cosmo

Published: Nov 14, 2012
Description: Despite having low torque, high fuel consumption and regular maintenance issues, the Wankel rotary engine is something special. Mazda is famous for developing the rotary engine over the course of deca...
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Description: Today the Denim Chin is showing off his old Mazda Cosmo 110S. Despite having to replace the original engine with a newer Wankel during its restoration, Leno's Cosmo 110S was in decent shape overa...
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Reese Fenske Nov 14, 2012
y u no keep original!!
Jommel Marcella Nov 14, 2012
Me too.
Drew Humphrey Nov 14, 2012
Haha that's what I was thinking.
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Nov 14, 2012
60s Ricer LMAO