Comments - Lamborghini Projects a Bad Year for Supercars

Published: Nov 14, 2012
Description: When was the golden age for supercars? It's hard to say, since every generation of these exotic performance machines outshines the ones that came before it in a constant and thrilling game of one...
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Chris Kuyumdzhyan Nov 15, 2012
I agree, the SLR also.
Reinaldo Puchu Piñate Nov 14, 2012
Recent golden age of super cars? Easily the early 2000s when we first saw the likes of the Enzo, Carrera GT, Zonda. A few years later, the Veyron
Adam Beiersdorfer Nov 14, 2012
The SUV allows you to double dip the same buyers... They need their sports car AND their sports grocery getter... Buyers for vehicles like these usually have little issues with having the income, their issue is finding places to spend it...
Daniel Eads Nov 14, 2012
Daniel Eads Nov 14, 2012
Breyden, they're not even sure if they're still going to make the Uris.
Jason Brown Nov 14, 2012
The SUV was already in the works before Lamborghini realized the rapidly shrinking demand for all Lamborghinis and Ferraris, particularly from Asia. This is old news.
Brayden Foreht Nov 14, 2012
Someone please tell me how releasing quarter-of-a-million dollar S.U.Vs are going to differ from quarter-of-a-million dollar supercars in a bad economy...
Ben Sweetser Nov 14, 2012
Lamborghini is saying that just because Ferrari is planning on releasing the F70 this upcoming year
Alex Renaud Nov 17, 2012
I would take that car to go and buy a bunch of those suits.
supra_mkiv Nov 15, 2012
smoke.. lol
Lee Gardner Nov 15, 2012
I love how we talk about the way the guys dressed instead of the car!
Jack Ficke Nov 14, 2012
It's because he had a cuffed shirt.
Nick Benz Nov 14, 2012
Its not slim fit, its just a properly tailored suit.
Jesse Cornelius Nov 14, 2012
I would take the suit and the car
Zeus Mocha Nov 14, 2012
That suit looks great. I would die if my suits weren't like this.
Janak Solanki Nov 14, 2012
He's the CEO. Always dressed to the 9's. I need to get my suits tailored like that!
Jason Brown Nov 14, 2012
Nice suit, but looks a little too small? Or is wearing really tight and short legged/armed suits the style for businessmen?
Carlton Salmon Nov 14, 2012
He always wears great looking suits.
Stephen Cobbs Nov 14, 2012
Badass Sesto
Description: While sales are on the rise again in the United States (which remains the largest market for marques like Lamborghini), the European economy is still in shambles. That could explain why such niche aut...
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supra_mkiv Nov 15, 2012
(I'm joking) I really don't like high end exotic car companies producing more commonly styled automobiles
supra_mkiv Nov 15, 2012
Maybe they should start building compact cars too like Aston Martin has
Description: These models aim to give their manufacturers a broader array of products and, it follows, a larger and more stable market share. Many of these companies are also opening a raft of new dealerships in A...
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Anthony Grasso Nov 15, 2012
Porsche? Really? This looks way better! But really, why buy a 2 door SUV?
supra_mkiv Nov 15, 2012
Preffer the Porsche Cayenne over this
Chad Schley Nov 14, 2012
Stephen come on man. It's a great looking vehicle. Unless your saying that the idea of Lamborghini making an SUV is gross, then I know where your coming from but I disagree
Paul Dickey Nov 14, 2012
I like this a lot.
Matt Sutton Nov 14, 2012
I think it looks great. I hope i get to see one up close
Stephen Cobbs Nov 14, 2012
Guarantee if you saw this in real life you're idea of it would change.
Stephen Ishard Nov 14, 2012
Dillon Magee Nov 14, 2012
Jesse Cornelius Nov 14, 2012
Beautiful work of art
Redge Diakité Nov 14, 2012
Normal it's a Lamborghini :D
Ron Vinson Nov 14, 2012
Takes your breath away indeed. I even love the subtle and elegant color.
Janak Solanki Nov 14, 2012
That is breath taking.
Julian Rasolko Nov 14, 2012
So amazing
Gurjit Singh Nov 15, 2012
Jesse Cornelius Nov 14, 2012
I would take any of these doesn't matter to me
Jon Wheel Nov 14, 2012
Polarizing filters work so well on Gallardos and Aventadors
Thibault Leroy Nov 14, 2012
Spyder performante, Aventador and Superleggera amazing lineup!
Janak Solanki Nov 14, 2012
I'll take anyone please.
David Hicks Nov 14, 2012
What a silly nigglette.
Adithya Chandrasekhar Nov 14, 2012
The hell do you mean it isn't a track car??!!!! It's a 4wd monster with 700hp, and 7 speed haldex and pushrod suspension. If this isn't a track car, there is mothing on earth that is
Chris Andrews Nov 14, 2012
Oooo fail!
Shaniqua Latisha Nov 14, 2012
This isnt a track car though
Jon Wheel Nov 14, 2012
Love the car as a whole, but I like the rear of the Reventón more
Janak Solanki Nov 14, 2012
Dat stance.
Jared Oteri Nov 14, 2012
Dat ass