Comments - BMW 4 Series Coupe Ready for Production

Published: Nov 14, 2012
Description: Having reported the 4 Series concept will make its world debut at the Detroit Auto Show just this week, our spies were quick to capture images of BMW's latest model almost completely uncovered, g...
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Aaron Gorrell Nov 14, 2012
@Ivan, wiki it for a visual. Essentially though, it's the way the C pillar curves/angles around the small rear window. A styling cue inherent with many BMWs.
Ivan Ryzhov Nov 14, 2012
Since I'm not a BMW officianato, could someone please explain to me what a Hofmeister kink is.
Jeffrey Frank Nov 14, 2012
Can't wait to see it.
Dillon Magee Nov 14, 2012
Looks good
Brandon Fraser Nov 14, 2012
I would work for BMW test driving just so I could wear my tiger shirt to work
Cody Fullerton Nov 14, 2012
Yeah, most car companies have increased share values after they reveal a new car or technology
Carlton Salmon Nov 14, 2012
@ Julian. To avoid showing too many details before the multi million pound reveal at a major car show.
Julian Rasolko Nov 14, 2012
Why do cars undergoing spy shots camouflaged?
Ada Onwukaike Nov 14, 2012
Did any had the rumour about the Toyota has said it will recall 2.7 million cars worldwide because of problems with the steering wheel and water pump system.
Tanton Stoneman Nov 14, 2012
That's for sure!
Luke Purdy Nov 14, 2012
Looks good so far!
Tanton Stoneman Nov 14, 2012
I hope it looks better than the 3 series...
Description: A functional air vent can be seen on the front quarter panel and the side mirrors are shared with the sedan. Previous photos have shown the 4 Series' kidney grilles will be wider and sleeker than...
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Ed Ashby Nov 15, 2012
Yeah I bet that air vent is really functional!
Ryan Davies Nov 15, 2012
Also to answer your question BMW always releases the 4 door first, the wagon, 2 door, and convertible come later. This causes slight overlap between productions. You can still get a 2 door e92 even though the f30 is out. Been doing that for years.
Ryan Davies Nov 15, 2012
I hate to say it but the ball was dropped in the last paragraph. The n20 2.0 4 cylinder is a single turbo, the n55 single turbo is the engine that replaced the n54 twin turbo on most cars. It will be the 435i, aka a 2 door 335i.
Brave Kim Nov 14, 2012
is this why they made only sedan for new 3 series at this time???
Carlos Ernesto Garcia Nov 14, 2012
Hey CARBUZZ the 3 series lights already come in and touch the grille and the turbo 6 is now a twin scroll turbo not a twin turbo. Unless u have a 335is
Nick Sti Nov 14, 2012
I just don't get why BMW didnt go for a 335ci or something more logical than starting up a new "series". I know they've had it for the 5 and 6, but 3 and 4 doesn't work. Who want an M3? It'll be the sedan now, and the M4 will be the new M3... Silly
Description: Both engines will be available with either a manual transmission or 8-speed automatic, and both should also be available with xDrive all-wheel traction. The 4 Series coupe (code-named F32) is expected...
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Timothy Hooker Nov 15, 2012
this is gonna b sick
Ada Onwukaike Nov 14, 2012
What's the mosaic for?
Luke Purdy Nov 14, 2012
Liking the side vent
Timothy Hooker Nov 17, 2012
these guys have terrible face birth defects.
Jared Oteri Nov 14, 2012
Use to have an e92 328 and it was the size of my fathers e39 m5 lol they should of just kept everything how it was. Beautiful cars nonetheless
Carlton Salmon Nov 14, 2012
Looks as big as my E24 M6!
Zac D'Anna Nov 14, 2012
Im guessing its a 435 cuz of the dual exhaust
Javier Fuentes Nov 14, 2012
///M wheels
Nick Sti Nov 14, 2012
Whoa! It says sport! Must be a supercar or something
Ben Doolittle Nov 14, 2012
Crickey! Is that a boomerang?
Carlton Salmon Nov 14, 2012
Would look better in the body colour IMO.
Michael Armitage Nov 14, 2012
Looks cheap
Nick Morella Nov 15, 2012
why is the rear window so much smaller in this pic..?
Jared Oteri Nov 14, 2012
That roofline running to the trunk is mucho mucho sleak!