Comments - '56 Chevy Packs Toyota NASCAR Power

Published: Nov 14, 2012
Description: It may be the '57 Chevy Bel-Air that most people think of first when it comes to classic American metal of that era, but the '56 looks every bit as gorgeous as the model that followed. It&ap...
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Kyle Malcomson Nov 19, 2012
I love how stupid Americans are
William Downs Nov 15, 2012
What no one ever thought maybe he was given the engine or got A really good deal on it, scratch that if any of u gear heads had a Chevy bell air or any car just sitting around with no motor, someone offers you a Toyota stock car engine. Your gonna take it and put the engine in there... just cause its not original doesn't mean its crap
Daniel Kenneth Babler Nov 15, 2012
What kind of mentally retarded idiot put a Toyota engine in a Bel-Air?!?
Tom Wilson Nov 15, 2012
Wow you guys suck
Dave Sasser Nov 15, 2012
Get that crappy Toyota junk out of a classic Chevy whoever built this and made that choice should be kicked in the ass
Jason Watkins Nov 14, 2012
Chevy toy, Wonder why they didnt use an american engine, the trans is gm so....
John Atnip Nov 14, 2012
This is wrong. Just indescribably wrong...
Miguel Jimenez Nov 14, 2012
*in some aspects
Miguel Jimenez Nov 14, 2012
@Lou lol, I no longer waste my time on guys like that. They'll soon realize that OHV is just as good if not better than OHC.
Colby Church Nov 14, 2012
DOHC isn't better than OHV. And this should've been a Chevy engine. Period.
Wyatt Ortega Nov 14, 2012
They ruined a timeless classic
Justin Routh Nov 14, 2012
@David kinda hard to argue that when you look at the Z06 and ZR1, all the LS engines really. Oh and the viper's engine ;)
Adam Beiersdorfer Nov 14, 2012
Now that I took a closer look at the engine shot... It's pretty hard to miss those fuel rails... I have lost one reason on my list for why I dislike NASCAR now... :-(
Chad Schley Nov 14, 2012
I think they switched last year! Probably the last race cars on earth with carbs. I'm sure there is others, but not with $20 million budgets.
David Parenti Nov 14, 2012
Adam... It's fuel injected. NASCAR switched to fuel injection too.
Adam Beiersdorfer Nov 14, 2012
I find the phrase... Modern NASCAR Engine to be odd... How long has it been since Carbs were on Modern vehicles?
Lou Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
@ David, don't start that. Once Patrick and Miguel chime in, it won't end.
David Parenti Nov 14, 2012
OHV, no. Could've done more with a DOHC motor.
Victor Pitts Nov 14, 2012
You guys have been doing a lot of 'green' references lately! Lmao! This car sounds like a fast boat!
Justin Routh Nov 14, 2012
But if youre gonna get a nascar engine... Why get a toyota and not a CHEVY?? Makes no sense to me
Justin Routh Nov 14, 2012
"And no, we're not high" lmao carbuzz
Chris Adams Nov 26, 2012
What a discrace! My family restores and shows 55 and 57 Chevys and we wouldn't dream of defiling such a work of art as to put a foreign engine under the hood. I've restored old Mercedes as well but I didn't put a "Hemi" in it!
Jacob Greenleaf Nov 20, 2012
@ Migeul Germany Audi, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz ,Volkswagen , need I say more?
Kyle Malcomson Nov 19, 2012
I agree with Jacob but I really don't care what you guys drive
Aaron Crisp Nov 17, 2012
@Jacob Ignorant.
Miguel Jimenez Nov 15, 2012
@Jacobs is that based off of opinions? Because you failed to state any facts.
Jacob Greenleaf Nov 15, 2012
May I say this, (I am American in case your wondering)but cars from other countries are simply better than American cars (i.e Germany produces Volkswagen,Italy produces Ferrari) a lot of these European cars are superior to any American car.
Miguel Jimenez Nov 14, 2012
Although this car looks nice I'd rather see a BBC in this.
David Justice Nov 14, 2012
...and dropping an LS in anything is the greatest thing ever?! Geez, get over it Americans, still a cool car.
Justin Routh Nov 14, 2012
Most car guys know not to even swap a ford or dodge engine in here, much less a toyota. Its not patriotism its understood rules about classics this old. Although i have seen ford and chevy swaps quite a bit i would never do that to this car
Shane Carroll Nov 14, 2012
@Tyler which begs the question why not use the chevy motor?
Tyler Watkins Nov 14, 2012
But the TRD engine is a near copy of the Chevy one
Jordan Smith Nov 14, 2012
You can't put an engine into this that's not an American V8. Simple as that.
Pablo Herasme Nov 14, 2012
The Patriotism is mindblowing in here
David Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
Because it is better?
Christopher Kreitzinger Nov 14, 2012
Why would u put an import engine in a classic AMERICAN vehicle
Ada Onwukaike Nov 14, 2012
Bell air
Justin Stevens Nov 14, 2012
This car is going up for sale in a private auction on December 1. Cant. Wait to see what it goes for.
Pompey Paul Nov 14, 2012
This is on the limits of cool
Dillon Dixon Nov 14, 2012
The Tri-Five Chevys are some of the best looking cars ever. So stylish, yet practical.
Lou Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
Bellflower tips would look so much better. Beautiful car.
Description: The engine swap puts the difference between a modern "stock" car and the actual stock vehicles they're meant to emulate into even starker perspective. The 358 cubic-inch engine develope...
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John Serely Nov 14, 2012
I agree Miguel. There have been a lot of repeat arguments...
Miguel Jimenez Nov 14, 2012
This argument gets old.
Matt Piccolo Nov 14, 2012
I knew there would b an argument on this artical! I knew it!! Lol
David Parenti Nov 14, 2012
I happen to like chevrolets and fords. Personal preference would be a ford though. But like you said, In The end they are all badass. Ill take anything over most imports. Excluding reputable imports, GTR, bmw's... You get the picture.
Jordan Smith Nov 14, 2012
Amen, Mario. All of the big three have their ups and downs, but in the end, they're all awesome.
Tim Preisinger Nov 14, 2012
David, and you can get 2000+ HP out of a NA V8
Mario Callirgos Nov 14, 2012
Especially because the venom is faster on paper! That's the ultimate ford chevy dual. LS9 architechure vs 5.0 architecture.
Patrick Schalk Nov 14, 2012
I'm still waiting to see an Agera R and Venom mile drag race. Someone needs to make this happen
Mario Callirgos Nov 14, 2012
The Agera R which run a highly modded Ford racing block at it's core!
Mario Callirgos Nov 14, 2012
Why can't ford and chevy guys get along and beat up on nissan and Ferrari! Chevy engines are awesome, I love the venom and zr1. Buy can't argue with records and the fastest standing mile was a modded ford GT. And the fastest stock car to 200 is
David Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
@David, don't bring boost into question because you can get 1500+ hp out of a TTV6.
Lou Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
Damn it! Too late. I called it!
David Parenti Nov 14, 2012
I know guys have used Chevrolet motors for years because they were cheap, easy to mod, and parts were a dime a dozen. As far as technology goes, I prefer DOHC. They also sound better to me. I also wouldn't mind dropping an LS in my car though.
Patrick Schalk Nov 14, 2012
Poor David must have been absent on all the other arguments we've had about this
Patrick Schalk Nov 14, 2012
Really? Tell John Hennessey that. I can super anything and get that number if it has a retarded amount of boost.
David Parenti Nov 14, 2012
Patrick, take everything into consideration and get back to me. HP, TQ, mpg. Lethal performance took a new 5.0, slapped on a supercharger and made 800+HP. DOHC can be milked for more than OHV can. It's proven.
Tim Preisinger Nov 14, 2012
And why does HP per CI mean ANYTHING. It doesn't. And I have nothing against fords. If its American... Chances are I like it
Patrick Schalk Nov 14, 2012
David, why don't you look at torque numbers instead of hp and get back to me.
David Parenti Nov 14, 2012
You mean a Ford V8 that gets more hp per cubic inch compared to Chevrolet and Mopar? Victor, your statement is a matter of opinion. Not fact.
Victor Pitts Nov 14, 2012
No hating here, a V8 is a V8... Unless its a Ford V8, then you just have problems.
Skylar Drake Nov 14, 2012
Before the hating starts. Toyota purchased the patents to the original small block Chevrolet, meaning they're NASCAR engine is a small block chevy. Which is also a reason why it's mated to a 4L65 because it should take little if any modifications.
Description: Of course it's the vintage styling that people will notice first, and this one's a real beaut. It's decked out in Nassau Blue and white for a gorgeous two-tone finish inside and out - e...
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Mario Callirgos Nov 14, 2012
I love american V8s but I would never put one in a RX7. I would never but a GTR motor in a C6.
Kyle Malcomson Nov 14, 2012
If you know how to run an rx7 for can get 1500hp running an old fashioned v8 is what you do if you don't want to learn about other technology
Tim Preisinger Nov 14, 2012
Beat me to it Kyle. Not only that you can get almost unlimited power out of a Chevy small block. Combine that with the lightweight of a RX7. Pretty smart choice
Kyle Rawn Nov 14, 2012
Because sadly a LS swap in an RX7 is a reliability mod. Haha
David Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
Why would anybody replace mazda's rotary, that car is known for its rotary.
David Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
An RX7 with American small block, I nearly puked be the sound of that. Why wo
Tim Preisinger Nov 14, 2012
I don't see anything wrong with it. Seen a few awesome RX7's with Chevy small blocks
Victor Pitts Nov 14, 2012
That's like me putting in the LS1 into my 240sx... Except reverse.
Chris Benson Nov 14, 2012
If I had the money, it buy it sell the motor, and put an American v8 in it. Nothing against the Toyo motor, but this classic deserves American.
Jerry Hoffman Nov 16, 2012
2 and 4 door hardtops had no post between front and rear windows in those good years. Can you guess where the gas cap was hidden?
Carlton Salmon Nov 14, 2012
@ Dillon. If I'm not mistaken this IS a two door hardtop.
Jordan Smith Nov 14, 2012
*more. Stupid autocorrect.
Jordan Smith Nov 14, 2012
Cars back then had so much s'more style.
Lou Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
New cars all seem the same after seeing these cars. So much detail and personality. I love the wrap around glass.
Dillon Dixon Nov 14, 2012
The only thing that would make this look any better is if it was a two door hardtop.
Matty Michaels Nov 15, 2012 was a joke
Shelby Cassandra Nov 14, 2012
I am American. Just not an ignorant dumbass.
Devin Babyn Nov 14, 2012
He probably thinks *colour* is spelt wrong since he's most likely American and doesn't understand some countries spell words differently
Shelby Cassandra Nov 14, 2012
He is bad at spelling because he said "gr8"? Seems like an abbreviation to me.
Matty Michaels Nov 14, 2012
@nd you $tink @ $pelling
Pompey Paul Nov 14, 2012
Colour combo is gr8
Tracy Pospeshil Nov 20, 2012
No, you can't go wrong with Cragars on a car like this. But you CAN go wrong by having mis-matched and rusty lug nuts on a car of this caliber. You didn't pass an Auto Zone on the way to the photo shoot?
Dillon Dixon Nov 14, 2012
Can't go wrong with Cragars on a classic American car.
Lou Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
It flies like free albatross *russian accent*
Kevin Carstensen Dec 01, 2012
That beautiful sheet metal has been has been wasted.
Kyle Malcomson Nov 19, 2012
Or buy a Toyota and don't worry about parts
Mason DeCosta Nov 16, 2012
At least when GM goes bankrupt they can still get parts for the engine to keep it running.
Kyle Malcomson Nov 16, 2012
Lol gota love Americans blinkers on our cars are better than the rest of the world lol yeah that's why your v8 sell so well everywhere else
Adenis KalashNikov Ruci Nov 15, 2012
Would this even be legal in America
James Himsel Nov 15, 2012
Lol who cares if its a toyota engine? Its a hell of a lot better than shoving a 350 in there like every classic. How many cars at a car show do you see with a 350 under the hood? This engine makes this car actually unique.
Taylor J. Blake Nov 15, 2012
Yeah. British cars are reliable. Example a: jaguar Not!!
Miguel Jimenez Nov 14, 2012
Ya because British engines are known to be reliable.
Miguel Jimenez Nov 14, 2012
@Lou this basically a bored and stroked Chevy 350, but there's just something about it that I don't like.
Mario Callirgos Nov 14, 2012
I though the Brits where known for the great motors! LOL
Paul M Miller Nov 14, 2012
Yeah Americans are world renowned for their world class engineering. Just like us Brits are known for our sarcasm.
Lou Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
I can deal with it. Lets not forget this is a NASCAR engine. Probably has no Toyota Japan input. This is an American style V8 designed and built by Americans. Toyota just picked up the bill for it.
John M Weishahn Nov 14, 2012
Why no such complaints when American engines are swapped into foreign cars? There's been plenty of that on carbuzz and it didn't start a civil war like this story.
Miguel Jimenez Nov 14, 2012
This is just not right... 
Jordan Smith Nov 14, 2012
Hmmm. Being that this is basically a GM engine, I don't really mind, other than the TRD badges. But that also means that Matt just called a GM engine beautiful.
Lou Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
Craig is a moron.
Jamie Chase Nov 14, 2012
Do you think that this is Japanese power? That they are capable to make a NASCAR engine? I bet it's still an American engine with Toyota badges. Not disrespecting Toyota, but we have to separate American muscle and Japanese cars. A NASCAR V8 is part of the American culture,if you got my point...
Matt Piccolo Nov 14, 2012
@ Craig, I think u mean get that beautiful engine outta that ugly car ;)
Matt Piccolo Nov 14, 2012
Wow, get over it guys!
Craig Lafey Nov 14, 2012
Get that shitty import engine out of this gorgeous car.
Cory Allen Nov 14, 2012
The poor thing is tainted now, its like a rape victim. It will never be the same!
Kyle Malcomson Nov 14, 2012
Very nice at least it's reliable power
Adam Wieland Nov 14, 2012
That's awful, just awful
Carlton Sofocusedon Green Nov 14, 2012
Brad Henson Nov 14, 2012
You wouldn't even know it was a Toyota if you took all the 'Toyota' and 'TRD' badging off, unless someone told you
Greg Lewis Nov 14, 2012
Yea lose the TRD
Dillon Dixon Nov 14, 2012
I'll have the 427 in my Dad's 55 Chevy Sedan Delivery instead. This just doesn't seem right.
Matt Sutton Nov 14, 2012
Me neither. But i dont think it was necessary to have "toyota" and "trd" stamped all over it.
Lou Guerrero Nov 14, 2012
Not mad at it.
Braxton Omgbased Booker Nov 14, 2012
@michael +1
Michael Page Nov 14, 2012
I get it, someone's response to people slapping an LS engine under every car.
Thomas Mackey Nov 14, 2012
Just no.